How to Properly Light a Cigar. Best Techniques

How to Properly Light a Cigar. Best Techniques

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 09, 2018

The key to enjoying a cigar is getting the steps right. Proper cigar etiquette can make a huge difference in how you enjoy it.

Not only are how they're stored and cut affect your overall experience, but so does how they're lit. But how do you get a perfectly lit cigar?

Check out our guide for how to properly light a cigar.

Getting an Even Light

Lighting the cigar is much more important to the process than you'd think. But what are the best tools to light a cigar?

To get the perfect light, it's best that you avoid small flame sources. Using things like candles, Zippos and oil-based lighters, and sulfur matches. These flame source are not only too small to easily provide an even light, but they could also contaminate the essence of the cigar's smoke.

The best way to light cigars is either with a cedar spill or long, sulfurless matches. Both of these sources can help you light the cigar evenly and without altering its natural essence.

Toasting the Cigar

Now that you have the right tools for lighting a cigar, it's time to actually do it.

Keep in mind that there is a specific technique to lighting a cigar. Getting the steps right will make the cigar much more enjoyable.

Toasting the cigar involves getting the end hot without burning the cigar. This is an essential part of the process to ensure that the rest of it burns evenly.

Keep the cigar close to the flame without actually letting them touch. Think of it like roasting a marshmallow. You don't want to physically set the marshmallow on fire, just toast it a little.

If you accidentally burn the cigar, don't panic! Simply it pull it away from the flame in a calmly but quickly.

Keeping the Cigar Evenly Lit

In order to ensure your cigar is evenly lit, make sure all of its sides get exposed to the flame. The best way to do this is to rotate the cigar slowly.

Take your time when lighting the cigar. Patience is the key to getting the perfect light. Burning the cigar unevenly can affect the essence of the cigar.

While it may take a little bit more time to accomplish, the hard work will pay off. Getting an even light can help you get the full cigar experience.

Taking a Puff

To test if the cigar will burn evenly, give it a light. Bring the cigar up to your mouth and take the first puff.

As you inhale, the cigar should burn evenly all the way around. Keep in mind that smoking cigars is different from cigarettes. Take your puff and keep an eye on how the end burns.

But if you notice any imperfections, don't worry. Take the cigar out of your mouth and fix it up.

Run the end of the cigar agains the flame slightly to fix any unevenness. In addition to this, you could also try blowing on the embers lightly. Both of these techniques can help you create an even, rounded ash.

How to Light a Cigar

Learnign how to light a cigar is a crucial step to the process. Not only is there a technique to it, but it can also affect how much you enjoy the cigar.

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