My Father Don Pepin Garcia Blue



Learn About the Refined Flavor of the Don Pepin Garcia Original

My Father Don Pepin Garcia Original Cigars are a must-try for any cigar aficionado, as they were one of the initial releases from Garcia's line ‘El Rey de los Habanos’. Each premium stogie is crafted with utmost precision and quality under his keen supervision using authentic Nicaraguan tobaccos. These cigars offer an intense strength profile coupled with mouthwatering aromas of cedar, leather and pepper that simply can't be ignored! The Corojo Oscuro wrapper adds to its physical appeal to make it even more desirable.

This Blue Label cigar by Don Pepin Garcia has been a standout success; it's garnered an impressive 93 points in Cigar Aficionado Magazine, and even secured its spot amongst the Top 25 Best Cigars of the Year. You can get your hands on this puro in sizes ranging from:

  • Delicias (Churchill) (7.0"x50)
  • Demitasse (Cigarillos) (4.5"x32)
  • Exclusivos (Presidente) (9.2"x48)
  • Exquisito (Corona) (5.6"x46)
  • Generosos (Toro) (6.0"x50)
  • Imperiales (Torpedo) (6.1"x52)
  • Invictos (Robusto) (5.0"x50)

Enjoy the Delectable Flavor of Don Pepin Garcia Original

The Don Pepin Garcia Original, also dubbed Blue, provides a medium-to-full-bodied smoking experience. As you draw in the smoke, notes of nuts and pepper will emerge on your palate for an unforgettable taste.

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