Zino Nicaragua

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zino Nicaragua a good cigar?

ZINO Nicaragua is one of the most popular cigars. This cigar originated in Nicaragua and has a very familiar taste. It has a smooth taste with a strong hint of coffee and chocolate. The chocolate taste comes from Nicaraguan and Honduran soil. This cigar, just like any other cigar, burns slowly, providing a complex smoke that most consumers enjoy.

What flavor do Zino Nicaragua cigars has?

The Zino cigar features a tasty compilation of robust flavor notes, beginning with earthy, dry flavors that coat the front half of the tongue. Juicy, white pepper spice, and an occasional smoky nuance make for an impressively creamy body that's sure to capture your taste buds.

In how many vitolas Zino Nicaragua comes in?

Zino nicargua comes in three vitolas (shapes)

The Zino cigar is about a deep and mellow natural experience regardless of shape. Each puff gives you the rich taste of earth and wood behind a multi-layered smoke infusion with fine tobacco leaves smoke.

Does Zino Nicaragua cigar burns easily?

Regular puffs of Zino cigars keep an even burn, burn well, and have nice ash. The less frequent tap on the ash let the cigar last longer.

Where are Zino cigars made?

Zino Nicaragua cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and distributed to local retailers worldwide with premium quality and flavor.