Maya Selva Villa Zamorano Classic Collection

Introducing the Maya Selva Villa Zamorano Classic Collection from Honduras. This cigar collection features a smooth Sumatra wrapper and binder, and filler of Jalapa (Nicaragua) and Jamastran for a smoke that can’t be beat. This delicious blend is perfect to enjoy whether in your backyard or out on the town as you explore new experiences.

Choose from eight diverse vitolas, each with its own unique flavor profile: Expreso, Intenso, Robusto, Corona, El Gordo, No 15, Soberano and Churchill. All cigars come with a humidity-controlled humidor pouch that will ensure your cigarettes stay fresh no matter where you choose to smoke them. Plus get FREE shipping on orders $99+ when shop at Cuenca Cigars - providing customers with all their cigar needs since 2006!

Perfect for both veteran smokers and first-timers alike, the Maya Selvas Classic Collection provides enjoying quality smokes no matter what your taste may be. Experience something truly unique in flavor today - order your cigars now!