7-20-4 WK Series

The 7-20-4 WK Cigar Series: A Fitting Tribute 

Find out what makes Kurt Kendall’s 7-20-4 wk series cigars so special. Shop these premium cigars today and order yours today. 

Inspired by a Father’s Love

Cigar making is often as much about family as it is about crafting the best handmade cigars, and few cigars make that clearer than the 7-20-4 wk series by Kurt Kendall. He crafted these cigars to honor his son, William, who passed away in 2011. When released, they were quickly recognized as one of the best Honduran cigars and one of the best original series cigars. 

At Cuenca Cigars, we are proud to carry a wide selection of these bold yet smooth and creamy cigars. Our selection includes

  • 7-20-4 WK Series Gordo Cigars
  • 7-20-4 WK Series Torpedo Cigars
  • 7-20-4 WK Series Churchill Cigars
  • 7-20-4 WK Series Robusto Cigars

If you want to enjoy this priceless tribute, shop our collection today. 

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