1502 Blue Sapphire


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1502 Blue Sapphire cigars feature a full-strength smoke. They are made of all Nicaraguan Tobacco; the cigars have earned Best Nicaraguan puro accolades from some of the Cigars Magazines. Visit our Cigar Shop to smoke one today!

1502 Blue Sapphire Tobacco Blend

The 1502 Blue Sapphire uses a dark Maduro sun-grown wrapper that does a beautiful Cigar Introduction. The Nicaraguan Binders and fillers deliver a warm tobacco flavor. The perfect cigars draw cigar lovers to taste this rich, bold cigar blend. As a representative Nicaraguan Puro, the chocolate-brown wrapper allows the final taste to be rich and tasty!

1502 Blue Sapphire cigars are Luxury Cigar

Global Premium Cigars, under the supervision of master blender Enrique Sanchez Icaza proudly blended these Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigars are rounded parejos with a covered foot, something new on the 1502 cigars brand. The Blue Sapphire is a theme-based collection. Enrique uses precious metal/stones to represent his cigar brads: 1502 Emerald, 1502 Ruby, and so on. The 1502 Blue Sapphire line is the second to use only Premium Nicaraguan Tobaccos.

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FAQ for 1502 blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is the six cigars produced under the brand name gold premium cigar 1502 and manufactured in Estelí, Nicaragua; that's why it is billed as a Nicaraguan puro.

The important mentions in the blend profile of 1502 blue sapphire cigar are listed below:

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua (Plasencia SA)
When you smoke the 1502 Blue Sapphire, you'll discover a complex flavor profile of natural tobacco and cedar with mineral and black pepper undertones followed by bread baker's spice.
The 1502 Blue Sapphire burns very slowly and evenly. It requires only a few touch-ups to keep it going, but it didn't burn out of control.They made with some super premium tobaccos, well aged and masterly rolled.
1502 Blue Sapphire is a Nicaraguan puro that uses the best Cuban-seed tobacco covered by a Maduro sun-grown wrapper. Full-flavored in strength, this cigar offers rich tasting notes of bittersweet chocolate, black cherry, cocoa, and spice.