Tatuaje Fausto


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Released in 2011, the visage of the devil on the box of the Tatuaje Fausto makes it clear these aren’t for the fainthearted. Courtesy of the creative genius of Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia, the Fausto, meaning ‘splendor’, is nothing short of it. It comes with a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers and Nicaraguan binders. It’s all wrapped up in an oiled, dark Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper. 

From the moment it touches a flame it greets you with a heavy dose of pepper, as well as notes of leather and earthy flavors. As it burns the Tatuaje Fausto delivers oak, espresso, and rich Nicaragua tobacco, backed by peppery spice all the way. This alluring yet captivating cigar is best enjoyed after a long, satisfying meal and while in a relaxing chair. 

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The Tatuaje Fausto is a great cigar. It has diverse, Nicaraguan-grown tobacco rolled in an Ecuadorian-grown Habano Maduro wrapper. It is a full-bodied smoke that doesn't overwhelm but gently teases you with pepper, leather, espresso, earth, and dark chocolate flavors. The cigar is relatively smooth and balanced, with an exciting mix of spicy sweetness, cedar, and cocoa. The smoke is creamy and well-rounded with a long finish. In short, you can say it is a good cigar.
The blend profile has Ecuador Habano Maduro wrapper, Nicaragua binder, and Nicaraguan including Jalapa/Esteli Ligero filler. These exceptional premium handmade cigars are available at Cuenca Cigars.
The flavor profile is as follows: First Third: Right after burning, the first thing you feel about Tatuaje Fausto is the earthy and hay flavor. Following the first third, this flavor goes on, and they're a combination of cocoa notes that happens in the last of the first third. Second Third: The second third is all about sweetness. You will feel classic chocolate taste with sugar cane sweetness. Also, the previously captured cocoa notes, earthiness, and hay flavor go on throughout this burn. Last Third: Everything went off except the chocolate taste in the final third. Additionally, you will observe tea taste with spicy and chocolate notes following this burn.
Tatuaje Fausto cigar is a champ when it comes to burn and draw. It burns just at perfect temperature covering a good smoke profile. The burn lines are pretty smooth, and the ash is firm. Overall, the Tatuaje Fausto cigar has a good burn.
Created by Pete Johnson, Tatuaje Fausto cigar is made in Nicaragua's My Father Factory.