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Discover Ashton Symmetry Cigars | The Perfect Smoke for 2023

Elevate your cigar experience with Ashton Symmetry Cigars, the perfect smoke for 2023. Discover the full bodied unique blend of filler tobacco from multiple countries, luxurious Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating these premium cigars. The rich and balanced flavor profile of Ashton Symmetry Cigars and their elegant presentation makes them an ideal choice for any cigar aficionado looking to indulge in a remarkable smoke. A Cigar that needs not touch ups. Are you ready to explore the world of Ashton Symmetry Cigars? Let's dive in. 

Short Summary

  • Discover Ashton Symmetry Cigars, renowned for their superior quality blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. There is a saying that this is the first time Carlito Fuente adds Nicaraguan Filler Tobacco.

  • Enjoy a unique fusion of rare tobaccos with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper creating a symphony of smooth full bodied flavors.

  • Handmade perfection ensures an optimal smoking experience when stored in the correct humidity levels and rotated properly.

The Art of Ashton Symmetry Cigars

Ashton Symmetry Cigars have earned their reputation as great smokes thanks to their distinct blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos wrapped in a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The combination of these tobaccos results in a medium to full-bodied cigar, boasting balanced flavors of cinnamon, cedar, Coffee Beans, Turkish fig, and black pepper, with a tangy, heart-like zest.

With consistently high ratings on the website Cigar Aficionado's 100-point scale, these fantastic cigars are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and quality that goes into their production. The perfect fusion of Nicaraguan Tobaccos into and Ashton Cigars.

The Blend: A Unique Fusion

Ashton Symmetry cigars comprise a complex blend of rare tobaccos from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. This unique fusion of tobaccos imparts a lavish and balanced flavor profile with a delicate sweetness. The combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, carefully blended by the world-renowned Arturo Fuente cigar makers, delivers a world of flavors that are sure to delight even the most discerning palate.

The Chateau de la Fuente family farm in the Dominican Republic, the Villa Gonzalez region in the Dominican Republic, and the Un Buen Vecino farm in Nicaragua are the origin of these exquisite Nicaraguan tobaccos. The collaboration between the Ashton brand and the Fuente family has resulted in a cigar that stands out among its peers, offering a unique and unparalleled cigar-smoking experience.

The Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper enveloping Ashton Symmetry cigars is a medium-bodied, chocolate-colored leaf widely used to produce premium cigars. Renowned for its intricate flavors, earthy tones, and thin veins, the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is ideal for these great cigars.

This wrapper offers an intricate flavor profile featuring earthy notes and subtle sweetness. Combining the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with the Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos creates a symphony of flavors that will captivate any cigar enthusiast.

The Production Process: Handmade Perfection

Ashton Symmetry cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic at the renowned cigar makers Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, where crafting these cigars requires four years of meticulous effort. The production process involves selecting the finest long fillers tobacco, ensuring that only the best leaves are used to create these premium cigars.

From the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, characterized by its oiliness, smoothness, and golden brown hue, to the Dominican and Nicaraguan binder and long-fillers, every aspect of Ashton Symmetry Cigars is carefully chosen and crafted to provide a smoking experience that is nothing short of perfection.

The Ashton Symmetry Collection

A box of Ashton Symmetry cigars

The Ashton Symmetry Collection is a renowned premium cigar brand featuring a proprietary blend of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, with a Habano Rosado wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador and a Dominican binder. With a medium to full-bodied taste, the collection includes a variety of cigars, each offering its own unique smoking experience.

Let's explore the different cigars in the Ashton Symmetry Collection.

Prestige: The Classic Churchill

Ashton Symmetry Prestige 6.75 x 49

The classic Churchill cigar, named after the legendary Winston Churchill, is a large corona box-format cigar measuring 6.75 inches long and a 49-ring gauge. The Romeo y Julieta Churchill is the most renowned Churchill variety. Ashton Symmetry's Prestige follows in its footsteps, offering a fantastic cigar experience for those who enjoy this classic box format.

With the unique blend of tobaccos found in all Ashton Symmetry cigars, the Prestige offers a great smoke that is both rich and balanced. It's an excellent choice for a relaxing evening or a special occasion, providing an unparalleled experience for any cigar aficionado.

Belicoso: The Tapered Torpedo

Ashton Symmetry Belicoso 5 1/4 x 52 - Dominican Binder

A tapered torpedo cigar, also known as a pyramid cigar or belicoso cigar, has a body and a head that gradually tapers to a fine point. This shape facilitates an even burn and a more concentrated flavor, making it a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts.

The Ashton Symmetry Belicoso is crafted with a distinct blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos and finished with the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, offering a medium-bodied smoke with hints of cedar, leather, and spice. This great cigar is perfect for those who appreciate its unique shape and enhanced smoking experience.

Robusto: The Compact Powerhouse

Ashton Symmetry Robusto 5 x 50 - Great Smoke

The Ashton Symmetry Robusto cigar is a small yet powerful cigar, providing an intense flavor and strength. This full-bodied cigar boasts a robust flavor profile with a creamy finish, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a smooth yet powerful smoke.

The unique blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic in the Robusto cigar offers a complex flavor profile that is both rich and balanced. With its complexity and balance, the Ashton Symmetry Robusto is sure to meet the expectations of even the most discerning palate.

Sublime: Unparalleled blend

Ashton Symmetry Sublime 6 x 52

The Ashton Symmetry Sublime cigar offers a unique combination of tobaccos that results in a complex, robust, balanced flavor profile. Its distinctive flavor and aroma distinguish it from other cigars, making it a one-of-a-kind blend.

Notes of cedar, cinnamon, leather, and spice, with a subtle sweetness lingering on the palate, characterize the Sublime's rich and balanced flavor profile. This great cigar is perfect for those seeking a smoke that offers a unique and unparalleled experience, providing a taste sensation that will not soon be forgotten.

Prism: Creamy cigar with tons of flavors

A man smoking an Ashton Symmetry cigar will sure to enjoying it

The Ashton Symmetry Prism cigar is a well-balanced cigar that combines creamy and spicy notes, producing a smooth, rich smoke that dissipates quickly on the palate. Its blend of rare tobaccos from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua create an exceptional smoking experience.

Featuring earthy notes of cedar, leather, nuts, cinnamon and spices, the Prism cigar is a flavorful and enjoyable smoke that will delight your senses. Its sweet creamy flavor profile and mild amount makes it a wonderful choice for those seeking a truly indulgent cigar experience.

Tasting Notes: The Flavor Profile of Ashton Symmetry Cigars

Ashton Symmetry cigars offer a complex and balanced flavor profile, featuring citrus, earthiness, nuttiness, cinnamon, pepper and graham nuances, classified as a mild to medium strength. With their unique blend of tobaccos and meticulous craftsmanship, these cigars provide a smoking experience that is both rich and satisfying.

Let's delve deeper into the tasting notes of Ashton Symmetry Cigars.

Rich and Balanced

Ashton Symmetry Cigars' rich body, and balanced flavor is a testament to the unique combination of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. This intricate blend delivers a world of flavors that will delight even the most discerning palate.

Ashton Symmetry Cigars provide an enjoyable, rich, balanced flavor that will surely please cigar aficionados. The unique blend of tobaccos creates a complex flavor profile that will meet the expectations of even the most discerning palate, making them an ideal choice for 2023.

Subtle Sweetness

Ashton Symmetry Cigars are characterized by their subtle sweetness, a delicate and mild taste that is not overly pronounced but still present. This sweetness adds complexity to the cigars' flavor profile, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

The subtle sweetness in these cigars is complemented by their rich and balanced flavor profile, featuring cedar, leather, and spice notes. This harmonious combination creates a truly remarkable taste sensation that will have you reaching for another cigar repeatedly.

Perfect Pairings

Ashton Symmetry Cigars better with liquor, bourbon, bourbon barrels

To fully enjoy the rich and balanced flavors of Ashton Symmetry Cigars, consider pairing them with complementary beverages such as bourbon, scotch, or coffee. The flavors of the cigar and the drink are thought to be complementary, enhancing the overall experience and allowing you to savor every nuance of the cigar.

As you relax with your Ashton Symmetry Cigar, sipping on a glass of bourbon or scotch, or a cup of coffee, you'll find that the combination of flavors creates a truly memorable and indulgent experience. Treat yourself to this perfect pairing and elevate your cigar enjoyment to new heights.

Storing and Aging Your Ashton Symmetry Cigars

To ensure that your Ashton Symmetry Cigars remain in optimal condition and provide the best possible smoking experience, it's essential to store and age them properly.

Let's explore the ideal methods for storing and aging your Ashton Symmetry Cigars, so you can enjoy them at their peak.

Optimal Humidity Levels

Maintaining the proper humidity level is crucial for preserving the flavor and aroma of your Ashton Symmetry Cigars and preventing them from drying out and becoming brittle. It is advised that the cigars be stored at a humidity level of approximately 70%.

To ensure the optimal humidity level for your Ashton Symmetry Cigars is maintained, use a humidor or humidifying device, and regularly check the humidity level, making adjustments as necessary. Proper humidity management is key to preserving the quality and enjoyment of your cigars.

The Art of Rotation

Rotating your Ashton Symmetry Cigars is essential to ensure even environmental exposure, resulting in a smooth and consistent burn and flavor. The rotation technique involves giving the cigars a quarter turn every 2-3 days until all cigars have been fully rotated at least twice.

By practicing the art of rotation, you'll ensure that your Ashton Symmetry Cigars maintain their flavor and burn consistency, providing you with the best possible smoking experience every time.

Aging Potential

Aging your Ashton Symmetry Cigars can enhance their full flavor and reduce the harshness of the smoke. While cigars are recommended to be aged for at least one year after purchase, aging for 3 to 5 years is also possible.

To achieve optimal aging potential, store your Ashton Symmetry Cigars in a humidor at a humidity level of 63-65% and a temperature of 63-65 degrees Fahrenheit. By properly aging your cigars, you can enjoy their rich and complex flavors at their peak, further elevating your cigar experience.


Ashton Symmetry Cigars offer a unique and exceptional smoking experience with their intricate blend of tobaccos from various countries, luxurious Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and meticulous craftsmanship. With a rich and balanced flavor profile, these premium cigars are the perfect smoke for 2023. Whether you're enjoying the classic Churchill, tapered torpedo, or any other cigars in the collection, you'll find that Ashton Symmetry Cigars are a remarkable indulgence. So why wait? Treat yourself to the unparalleled taste and aroma of Ashton Symmetry Cigars, add them to your shopping cart today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, Ashton Symmetry is a great cigar that delivers an enjoyable experience with its mild to medium flavor and smooth draw. Its blend of Dominican tobaccos crafted by the Fuente family makes it an excellent cigar.

A box of Ashton Symmetry cigars typically retails for a price of around $175+, depending on the retailer. These premium cigars offer an enjoyable smoking experience, and the price can be a great addition to any cigar aficionado or fan's collection.

The Ashton Symmetry cigars are made with a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco and are wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The cigars are medium to full-bodied.

The price of Ashton Cigars is steep due to their superior quality materials, production processes, and world-renowned brand status. All these factors combined mean that you can expect a luxurious smoking experience from an Ashton Cigar, but a hefty price tag comes with it.

Ashton Symmetry has an incredibly complex flavor profile that delights the taste buds with cinnamon, cedar, pepper, Turkish fig, coffee bean, black pepper, and tangy zest notes. It's a smooth, balanced smoke with remarkable body and complexity from start to finish.