Timeless Supreme Cigars by Ferio Tego


Ferio Tego Timeless Supreme | Box-pressed Nicaraguan Puro

The latest release by Ferio Tego Timeless Supreme. A line compressed of Full bodied Nicaraguan Tobaccos. After Natshermans Family of Premium Cigars was discontinued, Michael Herklots and Brendon Scott purchased the Metropolitan Selections and Timeless Collections.

Michael and Brandon, former Natshermans figures, were very familiar with the blending process and decided to join efforts to save a family dream that NatSherman represented to many. Under the new Ferio Tego, LLC, they started to put together every one of the Cigar Blends. Ferio Tego Timeless Supreme Cigars is the next step in the series. A Nicaraguan Puro that is entirely a full-bodied smoke made by the Plasencia Family.

  • Timeless Supreme 749
  • Timeless Supreme 660
  • Timeless Supreme 652T
  • Timeless Supreme 554

Plasencia Family of Cigars has made the Timeless Supreme lineup exclusively for Ferio Tego. Cigar aficionados worldwide are looking for these premium cigars, entirely handmade smokes made for a real cigar aficionado on the search for complex tobacco blends.

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Tobacco Blend Highlights

  • Nicaraguan Puro
  • Full Bodied Strength
  • Box Pressed format
  • Toasty, woody smoke
  • Made by the Plasencia family
  • Best cigars under $20

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