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The Finest Handmade Nicaraguan Cigars from AJ Fernandez

AJ Fernandez

The AJ Fernandez cigar company was founded in 1995 by Abdel J. Fernandez in Estelí, Nicaragua. Fernandez was born into a family of tobacco growers and began working in the cigar industry at the age of 16. In 1995, he decided to strike out on his own and founded his eponymous company.

AJ Fernandez cigars have gained a reputation for being some of the highest quality cigars on the market, due in part to Fernandez’s commitment to using only the finest tobaccos in his blends. In addition, all of AJ Fernandez’s cigars are handmade by experienced artisans.

Cigar Brands Produced By AJ Fernandez

Some of the most popular cigar brands produced by AJ Fernandez include:

New World: A line of cigars that showcases Fernandez’s skills as a blender, featuring tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico.

Dorado: A full-bodied line of cigars made with 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos.

San Lotano: A line of cigars that pays homage to traditional Cuban blends, made with tobaccos from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

How To Choose The Perfect AJ Fernandez Nicaraguan Cigar For You

Consider Your Preferred Cigar Strength

AJ Fernandez produces cigars in a variety of strengths, from mild to full-bodied. If you are new to cigars, or if you prefer a milder smoke, the New World Puro Especial or the New World Connecticut might be a good choice for you. These cigars are both medium-bodied and have a smooth, creamy flavor.

If you prefer a fuller-bodied cigar, the New World Oscuro might be more to your liking. This cigar is full-bodied with a rich, earthy flavor.

Consider Your Preferred Cigar Flavor Profile

In addition to strength, AJ Fernandez cigars also vary in flavor profile. The New World Puro Especial has notes of cedar and spice, while the New World Connecticut is light and creamy with a hint of sweetness. The New World Oscuro is bold and earthy with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Choose the cigar that sounds most appealing to you based on your preferred flavor profile.

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