Arturo Fuente FFOpusX Lost City



The Arturo Fuente OpusX Lost City is more than just a cigar; they boast an emotional journey to the Chateau de la Fuente.

In 2004, famed Cuban-American actor and producer Andy Garcia was shooting his iconic movie "The Lost City." This is when the creation of this unique blend began!

Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost City

When Andy Garcia began filming the movie, he wanted to film a memorable scene in Chateau de La Fuente tobacco field. Unfortunately, the tobacco plants did not appear to grow in Chateau La Fuente during that time due to its typical harvest in March. To aid Andy Garcia, Carlito Fuente planted tobaccos in Chateau de la Fuente in the summertime so Andy can film. And the FUENTE OPUSX: THE LOST CITY - STORY began. Carlito Fuente initially intended the summer crop only to serve as the scene of Garcia's film.

Chateau de la Fuente - Where Carlito Fuente Planted Tobacco for the Film!

After the movie filming was concluded, it took five long years for the collected tobacco harvest to mature. Finally, in 2009, the Fuente Fuente Lost City brand emerged – arriving in luxurious cedar boxes of 10 sticks each. This limited edition cigar is released annually only to select tobacco retailers across America who only possess high-quality standards of their tobacco products.

Drawing inspiration from Andy Garcia, the Lost City Scholarship Fund was created to provide college scholarships for Cigar Family high school graduates.

Cigar Family Charitable Foundation supports this esteemed institution. It offers education, health resources, health services, and other essential services to underprivileged children in the Bonao region of the country of Dominican Republic.


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FAQs For Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City

Are you ready to indulge in a luxurious, unforgettable cigar experience? Look no further than the Opus X Lost City - for only $30 or more, this one-of-a-kind smoke is an absolute must-buy. Enjoy complex flavors and an incomparable buzz that will satisfy your senses. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity - treat yourself to an extraordinary smoking session with the Opus X Lost City today!

Experiencing the unparalleled flavor of Arturo Fuente's Lost City Opus X cigar is something that few are fortunate enough to experience. With only 500 boxes released each year, these cigars remain a highly sought-after item among cigar enthusiasts due to their limited production. All this is thanks to the unique tobacco plants grown with exceptional attention and cares for them to retain all their flavors; they need five long years before reaching maturity! A process that undeniably contributes towards making these cigars so extraordinary - you'll be able to taste it when you take your first puff!

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with Arturo Fuente's Lost City Cigar, crafted by the renowned Fuente family. Like Cuba's legendary cigar makers of years past, each handcrafted smoke is created with care and attention so that no detail goes unnoticed. With its tantalizing Cuban flavors balanced by modern Caribbean flair, it's no wonder why aficionados worldwide have fallen in love! So don't wait any longer - try a Lost City today and discover what everyone else already knows: this is one exceptional cigar!

Delight in the unparalleled strength and flavor of Lost City cigars! Expertly handcrafted with robust tobacco plants and aged well, this cigar provides an unforgettable experience. Experience a delightful cedar taste that leaves behind an oily aftertaste as you smoke each third. Enjoy the deep cloud of thick smoke and revel in its medium to full-bodied texture today!