Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown


Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown is a premium cigar brand known for its unique flavor profile and product quality. This cigar has been described as having a bold, rich flavor that is balanced with notes of sweet and spice. The filler in this cigar is a mix of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in the sun-drenched soils of Esteli, Nicaragua. These tobaccos give the cigar an intense complexity that has made it one of the most sought after cigars in the industry.

The wrapper used for Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown is a dark maduro leaf from Ecuador. This wrapper adds a sweetness to the flavor that balances out the intense spice from the Nicaraguan fillers. The combination creates an extremely satisfying smoking experience, which makes it very popular among cigar enthusiasts all over the world.

The binder used for this blend is a Sumatra-seed tobacco from Indonesia, which adds even more complexity to this already amazing combination. It provides just enough natural sweetness to balance out the spicy Nicaraguan fillers, creating an incredibly smooth smoke with intense flavors and aromas.

To top it off, each stick of Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown comes with its own unique packaging, including a limited edition humidor jar and an exclusive band featuring artwork inspired by Miami's Little Haiti community. This attention to detail, along with its exceptional quality and flavor profile, make Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown one of the most highly sought-after cigars on the market today.