Montecristo Cincuenta


Montecristo Cincuenta is a luxurious cigar brand from the Dominican Republic handmade at the Tabacalera Garcia. The cigar brand has been beloved by aficionados throughout the world for generations. First established in 1954, the cigars were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Montecristo's original launch. Since then, one can find these fine cigars in the top cigar lounges and cigar shops across America.

Montecristo Cincuenta cigars are hand-rolled using only choice Sumatra Cuban-seed tobacco leaves from Ecuador, which is renowned for its unique climate that produces some of the best tobaccos in the world. The binder and long filler tobaccos consist of a blend of high-quality tobaccos from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Each leaf is carefully inspected and aged for two to three years before it can be used for rolling. This aging process ensures that every single aspect of its aroma and flavor is fully developed before it reaches consumers’ hands. The cigars boast a mild to medium strength with complex flavors of coffee, nuts, wood, leather, earthiness, and sweet spices.

In addition to their delicious taste, Montecristo Cincuenta cigars are well known for their impressive construction quality and exquisite presentation. They are wrapped in a dark reddish-brown wrapper with an unmistakable sheen that gives off a hint of sweetness when held against your nose. When cut open, they reveal an even burn line and thick smoke with perfect combustion that remains consistent all through till the end – perfect for experiencing all of its delightful complexities and nuances.

The Montecristo Cincuenta is considered one of the Dominican Republic's finest blends available today, a genuine luxury experience that is truly worthy of its name: King of Kings!

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