1502 Black Gold


Enjoy the Full-Bodied Flavor of 1502 Black Gold Cigars

Are you looking for a nice mix of robust, spicy flavors with a full-bodied smoke? The 1502 Black Gold cigars are an interesting choice. Visit our Cigar Shop to get yours today. 

1502 Cigars: A Bold and Spicy Treat for Cigar Aficionados

Named to honor the year Columbus reached Nicaragua, the 1502 Black Gold cigars are a popular choice among cigar fans due to their dark Mexican San Andres wrapper, strong yet well-balanced flavors, and premium Estelí and Jalapa tobaccos.

They are perfect for cigar lovers that like intense smoke with complex flavors and are a real tribute to Nicaragua's esteemed fine cigar-making history. At Cuenca Cigars, we carry an excellent selection of 1502 Black Gold cigars, including

  • 1502 Black Gold Perfecto Box Pressed Cigars
  • 1502 Black Gold Torpedo Box Pressed Cigars
  • 1502 Black Gold Robusto Box Pressed Cigars 
  • And More

If you are ready for a Nicaraguan cigar that genuinely honors the best of our heritage, shop our collection of 1502 Black Gold cigars today. 

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Frequently ask questions 1502 Black gold

1502 black gold has a combined flavor of leather, creamy oak, espresso beans, and gritty earth. Additionally, the wrappers bring a feel of leather and an anise aroma.

1502 black gold is a strong cigar which means you should smoke it after a tasty meal. As every cigar is wrapped with tobacco which contains naturally produced nicotine. The cigar is handmade by artisans and all tobacco is naturally aged and strip of any naturally produced ammonia. It’s made with only premium tobaccos. It is a very jjuicy and tasty combination of natural tobacco leaves.

With premium-quality, 1502 black gold burns smoothly with dense smoke. Its ash develops quickly and gives you plenty of time to enjoy the puffs.

1502 black cigar has good quality tobacco, rolled with full tobacco leaves, and wrapped homogeneously. 1502 black gold is indeed a well-manufactured cigar that doesn't sting nor has a bitter taste or smell.

If you're into strong cigars, this one is sure to please your palate! This particular cigar is made for smokers who enjoy bold flavors in smokes. Cigar aficionados in the look of boutique tobacco blends look forward to taste this very limited premium cigars.