7-20-4 Factory 57 Series

The 7-20-4 represents an old line of cigars made by R.G Sullivan Tobacco Company back in 1875. This factory closes production in 1963. R.G Sullivan was the largest seller of 10 cents cigars in USA making at least 54 millions back in the day. The revived blend by K.A Kendall uses only premium long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and Colombia and a Costa Rica binder that gives to this 7-20-4 the smoothness and flavorful blend you are looking for. The final touch to this blend is a Maduro Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper that gives to this medium bodied smoke a sweetness hard to find in cigars. Kurt Kendall cast his nest to capture 5 nations' worth of tobaccos. After the initial curing and aging process, cigars are produced to be put back to the aging room in cabinet cedar boxes for at least 120 days before they are packaged in their final 20 count boxes. The cigars are made in many different sizes: Cuban Corona, Churchill, Petite Corona, Double Toro, Toro, Lancero, Corona, Robusto and Torpedo just to name a few. Shop now the best online prices here at Cuenca Cigars, your only and dedicated cigar provider! Cigars Online Free Shipping Continental USA in order of $99 or more. Shop Now Boxes, 5 Packs and Singles.