Asylum Eight

Asylum Eight are a celebratory smoke of the Asylum Brand. Eight years in the making. The cigars are made of only Honduran Tobacco, becoming a Honduran Puro. The blend of these handmade cigars is exquisite and tasty. If you like the Asylum Line, you will find the resemblance and taste of these premium smokes' quality. Every year CLE releases a Limited Edition of the Asylum Line.  The yearly release usually happens in July, but this year, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, cigars are released in October.  Asylum Eight, the number 8 refers to the years the Asylum brand has been in business. 2020 release will be a two-cigar release, each sold in individual coffins packaged in boxes of 20. Like 2019, the two sizes will be a 7 x 70 parejo ($25) and the 11/18 perfecto ($20), which measures 6 x 48/54/48. If you are a fan of Asylum Cigars you should graba few and save it for special celebrations!