Oliva Nub Cafe Macchiato

Oliva Nub Cafe Macchiato is part of the latest releases of the Oliva Cigars company. These cigars are the new incursion in the world of infusion cigars. The Nub Cigars are known worldwide for its unique sizes, consistency and steady ash. With the release of the Nub Cafe Macchiato cigars, the line is now complete, adding Cafe in three different flavors. The Cafe Macchiato cigars are a coffee infused handmade that will deliver the ultimate coffee experience. Oliva Nub Cafe Macchiato cigars are simply delicious. The line is available in five different sizes namely Robusto 354, Gordo 460, Corona 542, 438 and Cigarrillos 430. Shop now Nub Cafe Macchiato Cigars at Cuenca Cigars.