AVO Syncro Nicaragua



Enjoy the Diverse Flavor Profile of AVO Syncro Nicaragua Cigars

AVO Cigars are the brainchild of jazz musician turned cigar creator Avo Uvezian. AVO cigars are typically known for their mellow flavors. With the birth of the AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar, their flavor mix took a new turn. 

These handmade cigars feature flavors from tobaccos from around the world, like the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua. AVO Syncro Nicaragua is the company's first box-pressed cigar. It's also the first in the series to utilize nutrient-rich tobacco. 

Learn More About the Flavors of These Premium Cigars

AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigars come in an Ecuador, Connecticut wrapper. The flavor intensity ranges from mild to medium-bodied. You'll notice the following flavors in these cigars: 

  • Cedar
  • Leather
  • Cream
  • Pepper 
  • Spice

The flavors are balancing, giving you an enjoyable experience. 

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