JRE Cigars


JRE Tobacco Company is a family-owned Tobacco Company. But they are not new to the market place. Justo R. Eiroa is related to Camacho Cigars, a very successful cigar line acquired by Davidoff of Geneva. They also are tobacco growers and known to grow the 100% Authentic Corojo in Honduran soil. They make affordable cigars with high quality in tobaccos and also handmade cigars.

JRE Aladino Natural

100% Authentic Corojo tobacco is very hard to find. Not for the Eiroa Family that grows the best Corojo Tobacco in Honduras. These smokes are of a medium-bodied with tons of flavors. Corojo tends to be savory and on the sweet spot.

JRE Aladino Maduro

Father and Son are living proof of cigar craftsmanship. Using a San Andres Maduro to wrap this last jeweler of the Best Honduran Corojo Tobaccos, the result is a tasty blend in the strongest cigars smoke side. Yet smoke for every cigar aficionado.

JRE Aladino Connecticut

An elegant, venous-less Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is dressing this Best Honduran Cigar. An excellent morning smoke, paired with coffee, could get better. This handmade cigar uses Honduran Binders and fillers.  

JRE Aladino Cameroon

To fully master the popular Aladino brand, Justo Eiroa added the Aladino Cameroon. Comprised of the Best Honduran Tobaccos, this handmade Honduran Puro uses a Cameroon-seed wrapper that has been aged for at least two years before meeting its companion's Corojo binders and filler. The result is an extremely well-crafted smoke.

JRE Aladino Corojo Reserva

The JRE Aladino Corojo Reserva is a Limited Edition cigar that started its releases in 2018. Using Cuban-seed Corojo tobaccos grown in Honduras' fertile soil and a wrapper that is aged to give strength and flavor. This premium handmade cigar is complex and superb.

JRE Aladino Vintage Selection

Aladino Vintage Selection is the latest release from JRE Tobaccos and it is only available in one vitola: Rothschild. The Golden Era of the Cuban Cigar crafmanship is reflected in this Honduran Premium Cigar. Fabrica de Puros Aladino at Las Lomas Jamastran

JRE Rancho Luna Grandes

JRE Tobacco Co. has recently released a new cigar. These are a treat for those who love big ring cigars. JRE Rancho Luna Grandes is now available in 7 x 64 and 7 x 70. Shope them at Cuenca Cigars

JRE Rancho Luna Habano

There some inexpensive smokes that are due to be part of your cigar line up: The Rancho Luna Habano. These premium cigars are handmade in Honduras using Honduran Corojo and Habano wrapper. These cigars are naturaley sweet and woody. Grab one today at Cuenca Cigars!

JRE Rancho Luna Maduro

The Rancho Luna Maduro are medium-bodied Premium smokes for the House of JRE Tobaccos. The flavory and sweetness of the Habano blend is now amplified with a aged San Andres Maduro wrapper. Adding some mocca flavors and a woodsy afterward for the cigar blend to acquire complexity! Get them if you see it!

JRE Tatascan Connecticut

Tatascan Connecticut cigars are made to salute the head boss. The one that has been mastering the cigars making for years. The patriarch. The Tatascan Connecticut are affordable smokes that still taste excellent! With premium tobaccos grown in Honduran, these smokes are everyone's favorite.


Tatascan Habano cigars are made to salute the head boss. The one that has been mastering the cigars making for years. The patriarch. The Tatascan Habano are affordable sweet smokes that still taste excellent! With premium tobaccos grown in Honduran, these smokes are everyone's favorite.  


What lines of premium cigars does JRE Cigars company offer?

JRE Cigars offers a large selection of premium Honduran cigars. Their most famous cigar line is Aladino that is available in 12 sizes, from Petit Corona, to Patton. Another line that JRE Cigars produces is called Rancho Luna. This cigar delivers a well-balanced smoke, and is available with either a Habano or a maduro wrapper.

Where is JRE Cigars from?

JRE cigars are original Honduran cigars that are produced from locally-grown tobacco. The company is relatively new to the global tobacco market as it was founded in 2015 by Julio R. Eiroa and his son Justo. Julio is considered to be one of the top specialists in the field of tobacco cultivation in Honduras. His tobacco is grown according to traditional methods, and therefore gives the JRE cigars that sought-after soft smoke like in the good old times.

Does JRE Cigars produce premium cigars?

Absolutely. JRE Cigars are one of the top tobacco companies delivering high-quality premium cigars to the new generation of cigar aficionados. An Aladino, Rancho Luna or Tatascan cigar are a must-have in every at-home humidor.

Are JRE cigars authentic Honduran cigars?

Yes. All JRE premium cigars are not simply produced in Honduras, but also made of locally grown Honduran tobacco. JRE cigar is considered to be one of the best Honduran cigars, making it a staple in every cigar collection. Join JRE on your cigar journey, and become part of history by enjoying authentic Honduran cigars produced in the best traditions of 1960s.

What tobacco does JRE Cigars use to produce their premium Honduran cigars?

JRE Cigars is especially known for their good tobacco that is grown in the same location where their cigars are produced. Julio R. Eiroa, the founder of JRE Cigars, had been polishing his tobacco cultivation practice for longs years in order to recreate the authentic Corojo tobacco, just like it was back in 1960s.