Illusione 'Original Documents'

The Illusione Original Documents Cigars is a quantum leap in terms of blend, balance, body and construction by Dion Giolito. These cigars are made of finest quality Nicaraguan tobaccos used in as the filler, binder as well as wrapper. With a 90 and above point rating in Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Insider this one has everything going for it. It sports a medium to full body with aromatic flavours of spice, black cherry, leather tones, floral sweetness and earth. This cigar is available in eleven different sizes, Culebra 6 1/2x33, Petit corona 4x44, Toro Gordo 6x54, Corona 5 1/8x42, Corona Gorda 5 5/8x46, Robusto 5x52, Lonsdale 6 1/4x44, Churchill 6 3/4x48, Belicoso 5 1/4x52, “A” 9 1/4x48, Lancero 7 1/2x40, and Double Corona 7 1/2x49. To buy the Illusione `Original Documents’ at the best online prices place an order here at Cuenca Cigars.