Matilde 1876 Renacer

Matilde 1876 Renacer is a robust smoke which would delight the most discerning aficionado. The predominant taste is of sweet molasses with notes of Dominican black coffee and dark chocolate. Creaminess lingers on your palate throughout the smoke, exuding aromas of earth and leather. Master blended by Jose Seijas, from Dominican Republic at Tabacalera La Matilde. The name for the project may seem new to cigar consumers, but its roots lie deep in the history of cigar making in the Dominican Republic. Seijas told Cigar Aficionado that the original Tabacalera La Matilde dates back to 1876 in Santiago, the current cigar making capital of the country. The factory stayed in operation until 1910 when founder Simeon Mencia died, and the building still stands to this day. Seijas will formally be renaming his factory to Tabacalera Matilde on 2014.