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Get the unique cigar experience with Rocky Patel cigars

If you're looking for an amazing cigar experience, then you need to know about Rocky Patel Cigars. Handcrafted with care in Honduran and Nicaraguan factories, these premium cigars offer a richness not found in other brands. They have a complex flavor profile that will leave you wanting more with every puff. With a history steeped in tradition, Rocky Patel Cigars combine old world craftsmanship with modern-day innovation as they progress through time.

At the heart of every Rocky Patel cigar is the perfect blend of select tobaccos from eight countries. A combination of sun-grown ligero and Cuban Seed tobacco leaves provides for an incredibly smooth, full bodied flavor. By utilizing different strength levels and premiums tobaccos from various countries, each cigar presents its own unique flavor profile for the discerning aficionado. All of their cigars are crafted by hand under the close direction of their experienced team at the factories in Honduras and Nicaragua which ensures quality control over every aspect involved in making their cigars taste as good as they look.

For a truly luxurious experience, there's nothing quite like Rocky Patel Cigars. Combining tradition and expertise than span generations, these world-famous smokes will take your special occasions to the next level!

The result of this hard work? A finished product that exudes richness both visually and tastefully; from the perfect shape and burn down to the distinctive aroma of premium tobaccos—it's no wonder why cigar enthusiasts continue to be moved by Rocky Patel's handcrafted treats. Try them for yourself today and see what all the fuss is about!

Rocky Patel Sixty
Rocky Patel Sixty cigars are truly worthy of its accolade as the #2 cigar of 2022. Rocky Patel has certainly gained a well-deserved reputation over sixty years, perfecting their spectacular tobaccos year in and year out. I'm honored to say that Rocky Patel Sixty cigars have become the world's choice for luxury and innovation. It's no surprise that Rocky Patel Sixties received an impressive 96-point rating this year - these cigars are simply the best! With Rocky Patel's commitment to providing every smoker with a unique experience, it is without question that Rocky Patel Sixty cigars will continue to remain at the top of its class. If you're looking to enjoy an exquisite smoke, make sure to get your Rocky Patel 60 for sale today!
Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary
Rocky Patel sparked a revolution in cigar manufacturing 20 years ago when he set out to create something truly remarkable. He had the ambition and passion to bring something arguably more robust and multifaceted than had been done before, and thus Rocky Patel cigars were born. Now, in honor of two decades of Rocky Patel's innovative blending of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos, Rocky Patel proudly presents the Edge 20th Anniversary; an incredible release with a sumatra wrapper, contoured surface and Rigid unwavering core that has even the staunchest aficionados popping with praise! Rocky paving the way for great ideas is something to celebrate indeed - Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary is the sharpest cigar Rocky has ever made: cut it for yourself to experience this milestone first hand!
Don Pepin Original
Rocky Patel DBS is a carefully crafted cigar designed to impress. Boasting two distinct broadleaf varietals and clothed in a Mexican San Andres wrapper, Rocky Patel certainly outdid themselves with this showstopper. Crafted with expert precision and skill, every trial of Rocky Patel DBS will be unique and satisfying as they are all handmade with deliberate care. Rocky Patel DBS carries itself proudly, boasting its knowledge audibly through its taste and aroma without the need for words. Set afire, Rocky Patel will speak volumes - letting their acumen do the talking while whispering promises of party in your mouth!
Rocky Patel Disciple
Rocky Patel Cigars have been heralded for their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and The Rocky Patel Disciple is no exception. Hand-crafted with only the finest Nicaraguan tobacco, this uniquely blended medium to full-bodied smoke is unmistakable in its signature Mexican San Andrés wrapper. Savour a truly unforgettable smoking experience featuring smooth notes of wood and earth, delicately complemented by a subtle hint of pepper. If you’re looking for the perfect Rocky Patel cigar - there is only one: The Disciple.
Rocky Patel White Label
Rocky Patel has been working for over a decade perfecting the formula of Nicaragua's finest, but it wasn't until he had an epiphany that Rocky knew what was missing. Rocky gives us Rocky Patel White Label: a mild to medium-bodied cigar with a stunning Connecticut wrapper and robust flavor profile. Each cigar brings complexity in the form of rich cedar, cream, buttery bouquet, and a sweet finish that will surely linger long after you've put the Rocky Patel Cigar out. Enjoy this world-class experience in the comfort of home or during an outing – no matter where you find yourself, Rocky Patel White Label will provide an amazing escape.
El Centurion
Rocky Patel cigars are finally introducing their best creation yet: the Rocky Patel Quarter Century! This is no ordinary cigar. Rather, it is Rocky Patel's 25 years of work, dedication and attention to detail packed into one top-of-the-line experience. From its exquisite San Andres wrapper down to its finest Nicaraguan tobacco, the Rocky Patel Quarter Century truly lives up to its name and stands out as Rocky Patel's greatest masterpiece yet. Get ready for your tastebuds to be enthralled by Rocky Patel's care and precision that has been aged over two years after rolling -10 before that! If you're looking for a fantastic smoking experience, this is definitly the cigar for you! Come celebrate Rocky Patel’s 25 year anniversary with them and discover why the Rocky Patel Quarter Century stands out from all the cigars that came before.
Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary
Rocky Patel is a well-known and esteemed name in the cigar industry with his Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary being his legendary accomplishment. Rocky crafted the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos into a box-pressed masterpiece that has since been awarded a 93 point rating by Cigar Aficionado, making it onto the magazine’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year list an unprecedented four times between 2010 - 2018. Rocky recently gave this beloved brand a makeover, introducing new packaging with silver embossing and an all-black exterior presented with brilliant silver adornments – and still, the same award winning blend for your pure enjoyment. Go ahead, celebrate Rocky Patel and light up one of these Rocky Patel cigars!
Rocky Patel Fifty Five
Rocky Patel Fifty-Five cigars are a special treat for Rocky's birthday. Bring the celebration home with you by enjoying Rocky's personal blend. Boasting a medium to full body, each Fifty-Five cigar features four different vitolas, all with an impressive 55 ring gauge and unique tapered head and foot combination that produces tantalizing aromas. And for those wanting one of Rocky's truly memorable experiences, let us not forget that these cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua at Tavicusa! So this Rocky Patel Birthday celebration is sure to be something worthy of applause. Welcome Rocky back with arms wide open and a Rocky Patel Fifty-Five cigar in hand!
Rocky Patel Decade
There's a reason Rocky Patel Decade sticks around after 10 years — because it's just that good! This 95-rated cigar is the crown jewel of Mr. Patel's anniversary marks, containing dark Sumatra wrapper and embodying all the sophistication and class you'd expect from a top-tier smoke. With its smooth, rich, and complex flavor, Decade cigars are as enjoyable now as they were when first released, previously taking home many awards for their remarkable taste. For serious cigar aficionados looking to celebrate a special event or mundane Tuesday night equally with a luxurious experience, Rocky Patel Decade is the perfect choice. For its flawless balance and mix of full-bodied notes ranging from cedar to espresso, these premiums bring even more satisfaction than the impressive number on its label — so why not sample some today?
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Connecticut Broadleaf
If you’re looking for the ultimate cigar experience, then look no further than Rocky Patel's Vintage 1990 Connecticut Broadleaf! This incredible medium-bodied box-pressed blend is crafted from Dominican & Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos and expertly draped with a tantalizing natural Broadleaf wrapper from Honduras. With layer after layer of deep box-pressed flavor, this masterpiece has become an iconic favorite among the “cigar community” – earning it a “92” acclaimed rating! So if you want to tantalize your taste buds with a truly unique and unforgettable smoking experience, give Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Connecticut Broadleaf a try – you won't be disappointed!
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Sumatra
The cigar world was shook when Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Sumatra came on the scene, and for good reason. This marvel of intricate construction is like a work of art, of which you get the pleasure of smoking. Humidity-cured from Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, this blend is a full flavor powerhouse with layer after layer of deep flavors that are deliciously box-pressed. It is then secured in an incomparable Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that has been cured to perfection over 10 years! Blamed with complexity, sophistication, and masterfully curating intense tastes, it's now easy to see why this cigar earned itself a 91-rating. Relaxing never felt so rewarding as you launch your taste buds on a rollercoaster tour of nutty creaminess that provides an adventure like no other each time you light up a Vintage 1992 Sumatra by Rocky Patel.
Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut
Rocky Patel's Vintage 1999 Connecticut is the perfect way to complete your trifecta of awesome smokes. On top of a classic blend of 8-year-old Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf ligeros is an exquisite 7-year-old Connecticut leaf that results in a subtle yet creamy smoke. Notes of earth, toast, and a slight spice will excite your palate for an interesting experience unlike no other. Makes for a great companion for those relaxing mornings or afternoons with coffee or commute filled days. Get Rocky Patel's Vintage 1999 Connecticut today and enjoy a mellow change of pace from the things you've have come to expect from Senor Patel!
Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon
Get ready to be impressed with the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon cigar! Smooth, satisfying and full of flavor & aroma, this cigar is a real masterpiece. It's made with a silky Cameroon wrapper that enfolds a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos, lovingly bound in Nicaraguan leaf. The perfect combination of these high-quality ingredients results in a medium to full-bodied smoke that overflows with notes of sweet wood, light spice, coffee and more. Cigar aficionados have given it an impressive 89 rating so you know it's no ordinary treat. So if you're looking for an extraordinary cigar experience, look no further than the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon in 6 vitolas. Get yours today from Cuenca Cigars - the best place online to shop for cigars!
Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andres
Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andres is the latest addition to the Rocky Patel Vintage line -- and it's sure to be one of your favorites. This remarkable cigar is handcrafted in Rocky's Nicaraguan factory with an 11-year-aged Mexican wrapper, Nicaraguan long-fillers, and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. It has all the traditional hallmarks of a vintage cigar, from its rich leathery finish to its deep chocolatey notes laced with spice. Perfect for enjoying on those special occasions, this fiesta of flavor really highlights why Rocky Patel is such an iconic name in the cigar world. Get your hands on some Rocky P skills today and prepare for an extraordinary experience!

The History behind Rocky Patel Cigars

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars have become a household name, thanks to their maker's charismatic and passionate approach to marketing. Rakesh "Rocky" Patel entered the cigar business in the 1990s after a girlfriend introduced him to it. His enthusiasm for savoring each puff of quality cigars propelled him down a new path, as he soon made a name for himself in both the cigar-making and marketing industries. Rocky is among the most active cigar marketers in the world today, taking time out of his schedule to meet with consumers at events across the country. This gives cigar lovers everywhere an exciting chance to get up close and personal with rocky in person!

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If you're looking for the world's best cigars, look no further than Rocky Patel. Since 2008, his sets of cigars have been recognized globally for their impeccable flavors and quality craftsmanship. People around the world have come to love the nutty and earthy Ecuador Sumatra leaves used in his lines due to its rough and rustic boxes. Rocky Patel blends have also been praised at Cigar Aficionado with scores of 90-95 points, including Cigar of the Year with 92-rated 'RP’ Old World Reserve in 2009. You can find many of Rocky’s highest rated blends as well as ultra-affordable versions in the top rocky patel cigars we offer today!