Macanudo Mao

The evolution of Macanudo continues with Macanudo Mao cigars, a limited-edition release featuring heirloom Dominican seeds from the 1960s. Reflecting a previously untouched science, Macanudo’s team of agronomists regenerated the seeds over eight growing seasons, breeding the plants in two different countries to deliver improved leaf shape, color, and combustibility, while preserving the rare tobacco’s true flavor. In just four years, the agronomists have replicated the taste of a bygone era for the sheer enjoyment of today’s discerning smokers. Mao delivers a new dimension of strength, flavor, and sweetness to the brand, while retaining the smooth smoking characteristics of all cigars bearing the Macanudo crest. Macanudo Mao Cigars available now at your favorite online store for the best cigar prices.