Oliva NUB Connecticut

Oliva NUB Connecticut Cigars is manufactured by Oliva Cigar Company which was bent on creating a blend like never before. They wanted their puro to start with the sweet spot rather than getting there at the mid of the smoke. They accomplished this mission with these Nub cigars. The Connecticut variety of these Nub cigars pack in them powerful Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos which are as obvious wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper. Made in Esteli, these cigars are medium in body and mixed with flavors of nut, wood, leather accompanied by raw aroma. Being mellower than other Nub varieties this cigar is a good option for the beginners. The available sizes for this cigar are 3.7x58, 4x60 and 4x64. To try NUB Connecticut Cigars unique cigars place an order now here at Cuenca Cigars and get them at the best online price.