Tatuaje Tuxtla Series


The latest from Tatuaje Cigars is a spin that Pete Johnson gives to some already known and trendy tobacco blends. Tatuaje Tuxtla Series is a new approach with a Mexican San Andrés wrapper. Something rather strange for Pete Johnson blending rituals. But as we know, he does it right every single time. Tuxtla refers to the city and municipality where most of Mexico’s premium cigar industry resides. Tuxtla is also a tobacco-growing region. Kick off stating with well known Avion 13, Tatuaje 7th and Tatuaje T110. Wrapped this time using a high-quality Mexican San Andrés wrapper handpicked and aged using Pete Johnson style. Presented as Limited Edition Cigars, these handmade Nicaraguan smokes will be shipping to us in May 2022. The Tatuaje Tuxtla Series is mixing Tobaccos from another country. In this case, Mexican San Andrés from Tuxtla. Pete is excited to show the cigar aficionados how much a wrapper can change the smoke experience. 


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Tatuaje Tuxtla Series is kicking off the project with three cigars blended by Pete Johnson (blends that have been in the market for quite some time). These well-known tobacco blends are wrapped using Mexican San Andrés to show how much the wrapper can change the flavor of a cigar. The blends are Tatuaje Avion 13, Tatuaje 7th, and Tatuaje T110. The cigars will be released in May 2022.
Tuxtla is a city or municipality located in Mexico where the best San Andrés Tobacco is grown. The city is also home to many premium cigar manufacturers. The Best Mexican San Andres wrapper comes from this city.

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars loves aging tobacco and experimenting with tobacco blends. This has always been what gave Tatuaje Cigars the following and popularity. Releasing small batches that use some of the best premium tobaccos has always been Tatuaje Cigars winning hand. These experiments include Ecuadorian Habano, Ecuadorian Sumatra, and Connecticut Broadleaf. The use of Mexican San Andrés is not the first time Tatuaje has experimented with it. But these wrappers are certainly not his most used ones. Pete Jonhson enjoys seeing how the wrapper can change the flavor profile. In general, he likes to make blends that are already being tested by the Cigar Aficionados and make them try a somewhat strongest cigar by switching the wrappers. Blends that have been consistently in the market for at least ten years or more are the ones he likes to experiment with. Tatuaje Tuxtla Series is a Limited Edition production of handmade cigars. Still, knowing the overwhelming outcome this will bring, I can assure you Pete Johnson will be bringing more to the table.

Tatuaje Mexican Experiment and Tatuaje ME II were cigars brands released in 2019. These were a follow-up of a Limited Edition made by Tatuaje Cigars in 2012. Other names like The Face and some exclusive TAA releases have also been in the San Andrés wrapper portfolio. The Tatuaje Tuxtla Series will be the newest experiment, and one cigar aficionados are trill with.
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