Tatuaje Cabaiguan

Experience the Flavorful Cabaiguan by Tatuaje Cigars

These handmade Nicaraguan cigars, by Pete Johnson, offer a lighter smoke than the family’s usual line-up. Try your Cabaiguan by Tatuaje Cigars to taste the difference. 

A Departure from Tradition

Tatuaje Cigars are known as some of the strongest handmade cigars in the world, despite their sweeter notes. However, the Cabaiguan is a bit different. The Garcia family makes these cigars in their Nicaraguan My Father Cigars factory.  

They feature a marvelous draw and easy burn, making them a grand slam for the Tatuaje family. At Cuenca Cigars, we carry several different types of Cabaiguan cigars, including:

  • Cabaiguan Petite Cabaiguan Cigars
  • Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino Cigars
  • Cabaiguan Imperiales Cigars
  • And more 

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