7-20-4 Original

7-20-4 Original Series Cigars: A Taste of History

Celebrate R.G. Sullivan's original factory with the 7-20-4 Original series cigars. Order yours today.

Honoring Where It All Began

Until 1963, the original R.G. Sullivan factory was one of the largest cigar factories in the country, producing millions of cigars a year. Now, Kurt Kendall is honoring that historic factory with one of the best original series of cigars. This line of 7-20-4 cigars pays tribute to the R.G. Sullivan factory with its complex yet harmonious blend of tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Columbia. Then it's wrapped in the rich Brazilian Mata Fina for a smooth finish. 

At Cuenca Cigars, we carry all the best originals, including:

  • 7-20-4 Original Club Perfecto Cigars
  • 7-20-4 Original Lancero Cigars 
  • 7-20-4 Original Churchill Cigars
  • And Many Others

If you are ready to enjoy cigar-making at its finest, order your 7-20-4 Original cigars today and get free shipping with orders over $99.

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