Dunbarton Tobacco Sobremesa Brûlée

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust | The Ultimate Sobremesa Brûlée

Sobremesa is a special word used to describe the unhurried time spent around the table relaxing with family and friends. It sums up that wonderful experience of just sitting back and enjoying the moment.

Sobremesa—one of life’s simplest, yet richest pleasures.

Cigar Blend

The Brûlée edition is a variation of the Sobremesa blend, enhanced by the removal of the Pennsylvania Seed leaf Ligero, increased amounts of Condega Seco, and a top-shelf grade of Ecuador Connecticut Shade. The result is a milder, more enjoyable adaptation of one of our favorite blends.

Tasting Notes

The Sobremesa Brûlée’s mellow flavors of cedar, caramel, and coffee are subtly complemented by its sweet and nutty presence.


  • Brûlée Double Corona 7.00 x 54 Parejo
  • Brûlée Gordo 6.25 x 60 Parejo
  • Brûlée Toro 6.00 x 52 Parejo
  • Brûlée Robusto 5.25 x 52 Parejo

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