My Father Connecticut




My Father Connecticut cigars is an exquisite cigar brand that has stood the test of time. Founded by Don Pepin Garcia in 2012, My Father's cigars are made with exceptional quality and attention to detail using the finest tobaccos available to produce a great cigar. With a variety of wrappers, My Father Connecticut cigars offer a unique experience that transcends generations.

The Connecticut wrapper is a beautiful light tan color with subtle hints of coffee and sweetness, giving My Father Connecticut an incredibly smooth taste and full coffee aroma. This light-bodied cigar features a blend of Nicaraguan Habano long fillers and binders along with a delicate blend of top-grade Honduran fillers for full flavor. The resulting smoke is creamy and smooth with notes of cedar, tobacco, leather, coffee and nuts - making this cigar perfect for those seeking a lighter alternative to traditional medium-bodied smokes.

My Father Connecticut cigars are handmade in Nicaragua at the famous company My Father Cigars S.A., a company considered one of the premier cigar factories in the world. Crafted by the company of master cigar artisans with decades of experience, each My Father Connecticut cigar is carefully inspected for quality assurance before being packaged in cedar boxes bearing the company the distinctive My Father logo.

Offering creamy flavors and supreme consistency from one smoke to another, these great cigars are sure to please all tobacco and cigar aficionados alike. Whether you’re looking for something mild or something bolder in strength, My Father Connecticut has something for everyone. So experience the timeless tradition of My Father cigars today and savor every moment!

Cigar Aficionado Ratings

Cigar aficionados from all around the world rave about My Father Connecticut cigars, another creation born out of My father cigar and Fathe Cigars company. The Toro Gordo and Robusto offerings are particularly well-loved, both receiving top scores of 88 and 90 points respectively. These ratings are based on an extensive review process by experienced cigar connoisseurs, who assess each cigar’s flavor profile, construction quality, draw, burn, and overall smoking experience.

The Toro Gordo is a larger-sized cigar featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler blend. These elements combine to create a cigar with a smooth yet complex flavor with notes of creamy smoked cedar, leather, and sweet spice that linger on the palate. Its construction ensures an even burn throughout the smoke with a steady draw that releases plenty of flavorful smoke. This combination of elements is why this particular wrapper variant earned 88 points from its reviewers.

My Father Connecticut Robusto has also consistently been highly rated by taste testers across the globe. It features a dark brown Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler blend which gives it an inviting aroma as soon as you remove it from the cellophane wrap. Once lit, it delivers notes of nuts, leather, and black pepper which develop in complexity all throughout the smoke. The construction is rock solid: a tight draw, even burn line and dense ash make for an enjoyable experience every time. Overall this offering came away from its tasting panel with fantastic reviews: 90 points out of 100!

In summary, My Father Connecticut cigars are amongst some of the most highly rated cigars by Cigar Aficionado, available today thanks to their amazing flavor and aroma profiles, beautiful constructions, and unbeatable smoking experiences. Whether you choose the Toro Gordo or Robusto variety of cigars (or both!), you will not be disappointed by these exceptional premium cigars!


Despite his deviation from the original body profile, Garcia has still kept up a level of excellence in cigar crafting that exceeds any other competitor. He selected Nicaraguan Criollo and Habano long-fillers along with Corojo 99 binder to create this exquisite blend great cigars.

To give his cigars a luxurious outer layer, he selected an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade tobacco wrapper which is absolutely stunning. Enjoy the full aroma of mild to medium-bodied smoke while savoring notes of spice, earth, and slight sweetness as they transition across your palate. Maintaining the legacy of excellence established by his father and the Garcia family, these cigars are rated 90+ in cigar lists around the world! As you puff away on this beauty take note of its unique flavors:

  • Cream 

  • Pepper


If you're searching for an unforgettable flavor experience, then look no further than "My Father" cigars. These masterfully crafted stogies are produced in Esteli, Nicaragua with nothing but the finest Habano-Rosado wrapper and tobacco cultivated from the personal farms of My Father himself. Through a meticulous and rigorous production process, these remarkable cigars promise to be one of your most indulgent experiences yet!

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