My Father Cigars: History, Appeal, and Value

My Father Cigars: History, Appeal, and Value

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Aug 27, 2022

My Father Cigars: History, Appeal, and Value

Did you know that in 2017, 148 million premium cigars made in Nicaragua entered the United States? Cigars from this area are popular, and for good reason. One popular brand you may have heard of is My Father Cigars.

But, what makes this brand so popular? Keep reading to learn more about My Father Cigars and the Garcia family.

The Family Behind the Cigars

150 km north of Managua, Nicaragua, you'll find the Diamond of the Segovia, otherwise known as Estelí. The third largest city in Nicaragua is surrounded by pines, oaks, and walnut trees and has a mild climate the majority of the year.

The richness of the land is highlighted by plateaus that rise to 1600 m above sea level and natural reserves. It’s here that one of the most pristine plantations lies, and it’s here that Don Pepin Garcia creates his My Father Cigars.

Don Pepin Garcia, or the master Jose Pepin Garcia as he’s known in the cigar industry, opened his first cigar factory in 2003 in Little Havana.

By 2009, Garcia was able to open a factory in Nicaragua. The My Father's Cigars location in Esteli was a seven-acre complex. This allowed them to harvest, package, and ship cigars to buyers from one location.

Today this brand is still going strong and is run by Jose Pepin Garcia and his son Jaime Garcia. However, it's a family business, and his daughter also plays her part and is in charge of the company headquarters.

The Cigars Themselves

The cigar business is a family affair. Their My Father cigars are an homage to Jose Pepin Garcia's late father and his own children. My Father Cigars is comprised of a variety of different cigars, and they speak for themselves when discussing the appeal of this cigar line.

Le Bijou (The Jewel) 1922

This is one of the best-known cigars in the My Father line. It’s a Nicaraguan Puro, meaning 100% Nicaraguan tobacco is used to create this masterpiece.

Each filler leaf comes from a single tobacco plant. The wrapper for this cigar is Habano Oscuro-Oscuro. This cigar was made to honor Garcia's father, who was born in 1922.

Tabacos Baez-Serie SF

This cigar was created as a house blend cigar for the My Father Cigars brand. It translates to "Baez's Series Blend."

This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro and begins with a sun-grown Habano wrapper. The filler is comprised of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro, as well. It was created for a special event in December of 2009. Because it was such a hit, it was incorporated into regular production and named after Jaime Garcia.

It uses a San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan filler. This cigar is blended onsite in Esteli. It makes for a fine medium-to-full-bodied cigar.

My Father MF The Judge

This cigar's inspiration came from a family friend of the Garcias.

This cigar gets made from three different Nicaraguan fillers and Corojo and Criollo binders in two different sizes. It has a Sumatra Oscuro wrapper.

My Father-La Promesa

La Promesa translates to "the promise." The name of this cigar references a promise Jose Pepin Garcia made to his own father. Before leaving Cuba, he promised his father he would make a name for himself in the cigar world outside of Cuba.

It uses a Nicauragan binder and filler and a Ecuadoran Habano rosado oscuro wrapper. The fillers are a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Vegas Cubanas

These cigars use Nicaraguan filler. The wrapper is a Corojo Rosado, and the binder is Nicaraguan. This cigar was named after what the tobacco fields in Cuba were called, Vegas.

My Father-La Gran Oferta

La Gran Oferta translates to "the great offering." This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro. It uses a Habano Rosado wrapper. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler consists of Nicaraguan tobacco.

My Father

This is a full-bodied cigar and gets made using specially selected tobacco grown in Esteli. This cigar uses a Habano-Rosado wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers and bindings.

My Father Garcia and Garcia

This is a three-quarter to full-bodied cigar that even the toughest of critics will fall in love with. The filler consists of Nicaraguan tobacco, including Pelo de Oro leaves. The binder is Nicaraguan Criollo 98, and the wrapper is Habano Rosado.

My Father La Opulencia

La Opulencia translates to "the abundance." The wrapper is a Mexico Rosado Oscuro. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler consists of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Flor de las Antillas

Flor de las Antillas translates to "flowers of the Antilles." This cigar uses a Sun Grown wrapper. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler is Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Don Pepin Garcia Original

This is a full-bodied cigar consisting of Nicaraguan tobacco. The binding is Nicaraguan. The wrapper is Corojo-Oscuro. This original My Father blend serves as the inspiration for the creation and development of other cigars on the My Father Cigars brand.

La Duena

The name of the cigar is a tribute to Don Pepin Garcia's daughter, Janny, who manages the company's Headquarters. La Duena stands for "female owner."

The wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf. This cigar is a full-bodied cigar with very robust tasting notes. The binder and the filler are Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaragua. This cigar is medium to full-bodied.

The My Father Cigars Appeal

The My Father Cigar family is a Nicaraguan company that is growing a brand worldwide. Their cigars are known worldwide for the quality and consistency they offer.

The My Father Cigars Value

The My Father Cigars is a value cigar. They are sold at a price that gives consumers the ability to purchase them without breaking the bank. While the price may be low, the quality is high.

My Father Cigars: The Value of a Good Smoke

When you sit down to relax and smoke, you want to know you chose a quality cigar. My Father Cigars are well known for their quality and affordable prices.

Are you ready to give them a try? Start shopping today to find a cigar you love. 

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