Aging Room Quattro

Aging Room Quattro F55 Cigars are made from super premium selected Habano Dominicano wit a lot of flavor and aroma in a well balanced and sophisticate blend. Wrapped in a 2003 Sumatra wrapper this medium to full bodied, box pressed cigar made to the Best Cigar of the Year 2011 as the No 2 Cigar and Spirits Aficionado Magazine. The blend was then BOX-PRESSED to bring out the gorgeous and buttery-smooth flavor profile of its Sumatra wrapper. Packaged in cedar boxes of 20 cigars count and six non-conventional sizes: Concerto, Vibrato, Maestro, Espressivo, Concerto and Stretto. All sizes represent a music note. Shop now the best online prices here at Cuenca Cigars, your only and dedicated cigar provider! Cigars Online Free Shipping Continental USA in order of $99 or more. Shop Now Boxes, 5 Packs and Singles.