Warped El Guardian of the Farm Cerberus

Warped El Guardian of the Farm Cerberus, coming from the Greek Mythology, the menacing three headed dog, a watcher at the sentry of the gates of Hades. Aganorsa use a symbolic Guard of the Farm to represent the Bulldogs who watch the tobacco plantation. As watchers and protectors of the tobacco leafs. They have become the center of the universe and their representation Aganorsa Guardian of the Farm brand. One of these loyal canines, named Cerberus is the inspiration for this Nicaraguan Puro. Using an exclusively Aganorsa Leaf tobacco. Wrapped with a Corojo 2012and medio tiempo tobacco leaves to add an exceptional flavor profile and a very peculiar and unique from Aganorsa Tobacco that adds dimensions that only experience cigar aficionado look for in these handmade premium cigars. When it has come the time to enjoy premium smokes, here is the one you should add to your humidor! Shop now Warped El Guardian of the Farm Cerberus at Cuenca Cigars!