Facebook Tales | The Beauty and the Beast Cuenca Style

Mar 06, 2011

Facebook Tales: This week I give you " The Beauty and the Beast Cuenca Style". To my readers, I will use this section of the newsletter to give you my best and worst experiences with my Facebook page(s). Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, at times uplifting, and my least favorite "UPSETTING".... Hope you can use my journey to learn from my many future mistakes and my experiences as we all get on the Facebook bus! I know when it is all said and done, I will sit back, have a cigar and hope you can join me through this personal section of Ana's facebook life :). This week:

“THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” CUENCA STYLE, First week in the making!

The most fabulous newlywed couple visited our store from Luxembourg, which is a small country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. They described it as a country with beautiful rolling hills and forests. And guest what guys, they too found me, Ana on Facebook…. They planned a whole trip to a foreign nation just on Facebook friendship feedback. We were lucky to be part of this special moment of two hearts finally being joined happily ever after.


Like I said, with good things come not so great moments, and here it is!! Are you ready for the BEAST?

First my disclosure, never, ever, ever work on changing your Facebook profile when you are tired, hungry, upset, or in between customers. “I did” and boy did I pay for it!

One day, I decided to use the merge capabilities to link my Cuenca Cigars Café page to the facebook place page and it was great! So if you know me, you know that I love to continue the challenge and think outside the box, without plan B. So, here goes the horror story, I merged the pages backwards and lost over 4,500 fans that were actively interacting with me for over two years. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that this was two weeks prior to the Montecristo Lounge grand opening and in between the Arts and Cigars event. Ok so I get out my handy dandy cigar, start my breathing exercises and yea, almost lost it! So my after thought is, what would we do if we didn’t have facebook at all.  What did we do then? Do we even remember? I sure can’t! I advise us to go back to the ancient times of using our post office, keeping a non-automated address book, and the telegraph machine…. Not, I’ll stay for a little longer so I can share more with you!

Stay tuned for my next challenging day with Facebook……….