Xikar | How to use Xikar Cutters

Xikar | How to use Xikar Cutters

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 19, 2011

Xikar | How to use Xikar Cutters

Xi Cutters:

Hold the cutter on one side in the first crook of knuckles, and on the other side along the length of your thumb. Use a powerful snap squeeze to cut your cigar for best effect. Note the two sides operate independently of one another, so one will always close against the cigar first. Rest assured that both blades meet in the middle and that each cuts the same amount of cigar.


XIKAR utilizes the "liner lock" on Xi knives for easy opening and closing. To release the lock and close the knife, simply turn the belly of the knife up so that you can see the blade slot. Then, using your thumb, push the angled liner that is pinned against the butt of the blade sideways toward the knife handle and away from the blade base. Once the liner is in a straight position against the body, close the blade slightly and the lock is released. You can now close the knife completely.