News From PCA 2022: My Father Cigars Adding Three Limited Edition Cigars

News From PCA 2022: My Father Cigars Adding Three Limited Edition Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 18, 2022

News From PCA 2022: My Father Cigars Adding Two Limited Edition Cigars

News From PCA 2022: My Father Cigars Adding Two Limited Cigars

Enjoy this exciting introduction to two new limited edition handmade cigars released at PCA 2022. Click now to read and be inspired to switch up your smoke.

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Can you believe that the worldwide luxury cigar industry is expected to reach a value of over $25 billion by the time 2030 rolls around?

As more and more people discover the unique pleasure of smoking the strongest cigars, you can expect a wave of new and exciting cigar releases. For instance, the Premium Cigar Association is known for unveiling the most luxurious and delicious cigars on the market.

Are you itching for wonderful news from PCA 2022? Keep reading to learn all about the two limited edition cigars that My Father Cigars is releasing.

Flor de Las Antillas 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

When it comes to the best new cigars, you'll kick yourself if you end up missing out on trying the Flor de Las Antillas 10th Anniversary Limited Edition cigars. My Father Cigars has a long history of producing award-winning cigars that are enjoyed by even the pickiest cigar aficionados. One of the company's most popular products is the Flor de Las Antillas cigar box, which is now celebrating a full 10 years of satisfying customers.

Made in the absolutely gorgeous country of Nicaragua, this celebration of the My Father Cigars brand will take the form of beautiful boxes that contain a dozen whole cigars each. The box alone is a work of art, featuring an almost velvet hue accented with stamped gold. This collector's edition is so carefully-crafted that each box will have a number.

Aside from the box itself, you might be wondering why 12 cigars are included in each one instead of, say, 11 or 13. The reason is that 2012 is when Flor de Las Antillas won Cigar of the Year and so 12 is a way of honoring that time in history.

While that ended up being the first time My Father Cigars won the award, it was by no means the last. With this new release, there's been a marked improvement in the flavor because the harvested tobacco comes from other farms. Don't worry, though, because the general classic flavor is still there in spades.

The length of each celebratory cigar clocks in at 6.5 inches long with a hefty 52-ring gauge and a darker wrapper. Since only 5,000 boxes of this limited edition will ever exist, it's important to act now. You can subscribe to the Notify Me page and get an email when they become available.

Le Bijou 1922 100 Años Limited Edition

If you're a fanatic about limited edition cigars, then you should add the Le Bijou 1922 100 Años cigars to your wishlist. The story behind this cigar involves the birthday of a beloved family member. This should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the My Father Cigar brand because it's run by a father and his two children.

Since handmade cigars involve love, the family team decided to come out with this special edition cigar to honor the birth of their late grandfather, José García Alayón.

Are you wondering what kind of dimensions this edition is working with? You'll be happy to learn that there are two sizes for you to enjoy. The Corona Especial is the longest size and clocks in at 6.5 inches with a 44-ring gauge. The Corona Extra is an inch shorter but sports a ring gauge that's 4 points higher.

Other specs include a softbox pressing for the Corona Extra and a round one for the Corona Especial. Despite their difference, each of the versions will sport pigtail-style caps. Since José García Alayón's birth year was 1922, you can expect a single box to contain 22 high-quality cigars for your smoking pleasure.

While it's certainly a Nicaraguan blend, there are some tweaks to make the flavor as bountiful as possible. You may also notice that the paper is darker than the previous wrappers.

Like Flor de Las Antillas, Le Bijou 1922 also has a history of winning awards. The first one dates back to 2015 when Le Bijou 1922 received Cigar of the Year from the magazine Cigar Aficionado. Since that monumental cigar industry news, the brand has continued to score high.

Is wise to move swiftly on this limited edition because no more than 1,922 boxes of each size are in production.

Other Cigars

Are you wondering what other hot cigar releases should be on your radar?

As usual, My Father Cigars chose quality over quantity this year and only released two special-edition cigars. However, that doesn't mean there aren't other cigars under the banner of My Father Cigars.

If you love Nicaraguan hand-rolled cigars, then you'll do a backflip after trying their Flor De Las Antillas Toro Gordo cigars. The fillers and binders hail from Cuba and add one of those most luxurious atmospheres to the entire smoking experience. This particular variation on the brand is popular for the ultra-smoothness of the smoke itself.

The flavors are balanced so you don't have to worry about any one thing overpowering another. However, you should keep some room in your budget to try the Antillas Belicoso variation of the beloved Flor De Las line. This is a full-bodied smoke if there ever was one.

You'll also enjoy the fact that the wrappers are sun-grown in Nicaragua. Both variations come in boxes of 20. Since they aren't super limited, you won't have to worry about them going away forever.

Are You Ready to Try the Strongest Cigars?

Now that you've learned all about the two limited edition cigars that My Father Cigars is releasing in time for the PCA 2022, you can make sure you don't miss out on trying them. If you're a fan of the strongest cigars, then you'll want to order as many as possible. Sharing is caring so be sure to get some for your best friends and favorite family members.

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