Macanudo Inspirado Jamao: The New Limited Edition Cigar Coming Your Way

Macanudo Inspirado Jamao: The New Limited Edition Cigar Coming Your Way

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 21, 2022

Did you know that the luxury cigar industry will be worth around 25 billion USD by the year 2030? Luxury and rare cigars are certainly hard to find, but if you can get your hands on some, they will be worth the money and effort. If you're a lover of rare and hard-to-find cigars, then you should know all about Macanudo Inspirado Jamao, Excalibur Illusione, and Weller by Cohiba. 

Macanudo Inspirado Jamao in particular is one of the best limited edition cigars to soon hit the market. It is also one of the best Dominican cigars that you will ever try. But what makes this particular cigar so good in comparison to others of a similar caliber?

Keep reading and learn more about the legendary Macanudo Inspirado Jamao cigar. 

What You Need to Know About the Macanudo Inspirado Jamao Cigar

The name "Jamao" is actually particularly important for this cigar and it reveals the origins of this cigar's tobacco. In the Dominican, there is a small region known as Mao. This region has long been known as one of the best places in all of the Dominican to grow tobacco plants. 

This is because the land in the Mao region is as perfect as you can get for tobacco farming. The fields are large and spacious and filled with all the right minerals to make any tobacco plant grow large and healthy. And, of course, the minerals in the earth will also contribute a certain flavor to the tobacco. 

However, there is a twist when it comes to the Macanudo cigar. For this particular type of cigar, Honduran tobacco seeds specifically from Jamastran need to be planted in the Mao region. As you can imagine, when you blend Honduran seeds with Dominican soil, sparks fly. 

As a result, Jamao came to light. This tobacco product is very unique in terms of flavor and aroma. These particular tobacco leaves make for amazing wrappers. 

The wrappers for Macanudo Inspirado cigars are not too dark and not too light. From the color alone, you can infer that this cigar is also not too intense but not too mild either. This makes it the perfect cigar for those who are already intermediaries in the cigar world. 

The Details

This cigar comes in two distinct sizes: the toro and the Churchill. The Churchill size is understandably named after Winston Churchill who was famous for his love of cigars. This is one of the largest cigar sizes that you can choose from and may not be ideal if you are often in a hurry. 

This is because this cigar needs to be savored over a long period of time, sometimes as long as an hour or so. Typically, a Churchill is 7 x 49. A toro, on the other hand, is much more manageable at 5.75 x 52.

A toro will last you around 30 minutes or so. The band around the cigar is relatively small but it has a gorgeous gold accent which speaks volumes about the quality of the Inspirado cigar line. If you're thinking about getting the limited edition Macanudo, you'd better not ponder for too long because cigar enthusiasts will nab these new cigars in no time. 

But how should you go about enjoying a Macanudo general cigar once you get your hands on one?

How to Enjoy a Macanudo Inspirado Cigar

When it comes to a valuable and rare cigar like the Macanudo Inspirado, you should always take a moment to breathe in the aromas of the cigar before you even light it. This will give you a sense of the wrapper's smell and oils. Then, of course, you will be able to detect many more aromas once you actually light the cigar. 

As mentioned before, this cigar is not too intense and not too light. Instead, its strength is right in the middle and makes for a very enjoyable smoke. You can also take some time to admire the appearance of the wrapper which usually has very delicate veins running throughout. 

Keep in mind that the cigar is made by hand. Handmade cigars are almost always better than factory-made cigars. This is simply because more care and attention is taken into crafting a handmade cigar compared to a cigar made in a factory. 

What You Need to Know

Once you smoke this cigar for the first time, you will immediately notice the cigar's creamy and smooth notes. You will rarely find this kind of smooth texture with lower-quality cigars. You will also notice notes of cedar, sandalwood, and other woody notes. 

These flavors add a certain warmth to the cigar's profile. Mixed in with this woodiness are the herbal flavors of dark green herbs such as oregano or basil. These green flavors counteract the cedar flavors perfectly. 

Some even find that the smoke tastes a little bit salty. The finish of the cigar is unique in that there is a whisper of sweetness to counteract the saltiness. The flavors of this cigar make it perfect to pair with your favorite type of liquor such as whiskey or brandy. 

You can even try pairing it with some types of dark tea such as chai.

Rare Cigars and Macanudo Inspirado Jamao

If you're in the market for rare cigars, you'll want to hurry and get your Macanudo Inspirado Jamao cigars fast. These cigars are unique because they use Honduran tobacco seeds grown in Dominican soil. This mixture creates fantastic tobacco leaves that produce a creamy and herbal smoke. 

This cigar is of medium strength, so you won't have to worry about the taste being too mild or too heavy. To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us here.