How to Buy the Perfect Cigar Humidor for your Collection

How to Buy the Perfect Cigar Humidor for your Collection

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 06, 2023

How to Buy the Perfect Cigar Humidor for your Collection

You might think that you can store your cigars wherever you want, but this is not true. Improperly storing your cigars will lead to your cigars getting ruined. This is why you should buy a cigar humidor.

But what is a humidor and why is it important for your cigars? What should you consider when buying one? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Think about the Cigar Humidor Size

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a humidor. The purpose of a humidor is to keep your cigars in a safe, balanced environment. It does this by keeping the humidity and temperature stable.

Cigars are very delicate. They can easily dry out or get moist and moldy. Storing them properly will ensure that they stay in good shape for a long time.

The size of the humidor is significant because it contributes to the internal environment.

The humidor always needs to be larger than the cigars you plan to store in it. If you have to shove your cigars into the humidor, it isn't the right size. Cramming your cigars inside a humidor will ruin them.

This is because they won't have any room to breathe. The moisture and oils in the cigars will build up in the small space. This may cause them to develop mold or mildew.

The Details

This would ruin the cigars. This is not something you want to deal with if you have expensive cigars. It is best to make sure your cigars have plenty of space.

You can do this by getting a large humidor. There are many types of humidors and they come in many different sizes. Some are designed for extra-large cigars while others are average.

Some humidors take up an entire room. But these humidors are usually reserved for serious cigar enthusiasts. Most humidors look like small wooden chests.

This makes it easy to store the humidor wherever you want. Choosing a humidor large enough for your cigars is also important for the internal temperature. Too many cigars in a small space can cause the temperature to rise.

This will negatively affect the tobacco inside the cigars as well. It may cause the tobacco to wilt or become soft and flimsy. This would ruin the texture and flavor of the cigars.

It may make it difficult to light the cigars too.

Think about the Quality and Materials

You may find humidors made of many different materials online. But not all of these materials make great humidors. Some materials are much better at insulating than others.

The best material for humidors is cedar. Cedrela Odorata or Spanish cedar is the gold standard for cedar. You will find many high-quality humidors made with this cedar.

The reason it is the best is that it is so good at insulating. It is better at insulating a humidor than regular cedar. It is very sturdy and dense.

And yet it is great for allowing proper airflow within the humidor. It is also a beautiful shade and adds to the luxury of the humidor. This is the material you want to use when storing very expensive cigars.

But Spanish cedar is very expensive, so it may not be for everyone. The next step down is using a humidor made of regular cedar. This is still a very good choice since regular cedar is good at insulating.

What You Need to Know

It will keep your cigars at a good temperature and humidity. American red cedar is a good and sturdy choice. Mahogany is sometimes used as well.

You should be wary of humidors made of other materials. Types of firm, sturdy wood are usually good for humidors. Anything else will not help the humidor keep your cigars stable.

Some cheap humidors are made of fake wood or very cheap wood. This will not help keep your cigars in good shape. Such a humidor will be more likely to ruin your cigars.

You will also want to be wary of storing your cigars in anything else but a humidor. Do not store your cigars in your pocket or plastic bag. This will ruin your cigar in a short period.

The Price

You can't forget about the price when buying a humidor. Some people get so caught up in the details that they forget about their budget. Some humidors are very expensive.

Humidors made of Spanish cedar are some of the most expensive you can buy. Those that are very large are also very expensive. It is best to stay away from these pricey options if you don't have the budget for them.

These options are also not necessary if you are still a beginner in the world of cigars. Spanish cedar humidors are usually used by seasoned cigar enthusiasts who want to preserve rare or expensive cigars.

Most people can settle for more affordable but high-quality options. Humidors made of regular cedar or other types of wood should do the trick. You won't have to spend an arm and a leg to buy them either.

All About Buying a Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to store their cigar collection. Humidors are usually made out of wood like cedar or mahogany. These materials maintain the temperature and humidity of your cigars.

This ensures that your cigars stay in good shape. To learn more about cigars and storing them, check out the products we have to offer.