Montecristo Crafted By A.J. Fernandez


Discover the Rich Flavor of Montecristo AJ Fernandez Cigars: A Review

A cigar aficionado’s journey is incomplete without experiencing the rich and full-bodied Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. Renowned for their modern twist on a classic brand, these exceptional cigars offer a unique blend of flavors and premium tobacco. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the secrets behind this exquisite montecristo aj fernandez cigar, perfect pairings, caring tips, and more to elevate your smoking experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the full-bodied flavor of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars, with a blend of aged Nicaraguan fillers, San Andrés Mexican binder and Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.

  • Enhance your smoking experience by pairing these cigars with coffee/espresso, fine spirits or savory snacks.

  • Various retailers offer loyalty programs and rewards for purchasing Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars.

The Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez Experience

Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars in a humidor

Envision the moment of unwrapping a lavish Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez cigar, awaiting the intricate flavors skillfully blended by the iconic AJ Fernandez. This full-bodied cigar, with its Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan fillers, offers a modern take on the Montecristo legacy, which dates back to the 1930s. As you take your first puff, the rich flavors envelop your palate, making it a great smoke to savor for up to half an hour.

AJ Fernandez, known for his passion for tobacco and craftsmanship, breathes new life into the Montecristo brand with the aj fernandez toro. Collaborating with Altadis’ Grupo de Maestros, he meticulously selects and ages the tobacco fillers, ensuring a perfectly constructed cigar that deserves a spot in your favorite cigar humidor.

The Blend

Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars boast a premium blend of aged Nicaraguan fillers, a San Andrés Mexican binder, and an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. The tobacco undergoes a meticulous aging process of 5-8 years, sourced from distinct regions in Nicaragua such as Jalapa, Condega, and Ometepe. The outcome is a cigar with a rich flavor profile that is sure to please even the most discerning aficionado.

The medium-brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper offers a touch of sweetness and spice to the overall profile of the cigar. Combined with the San Andrés binder and Nicaraguan fillers, the Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar is perfect for those who appreciate a full-bodied smoking experience.

Flavor Profile

Rich dark chocolate and espresso

Get your taste buds ready for the vibrant burst of flavors that the Monte Cristo AJ Fernandez cigar provides. It offers notes of:

  • sweet cocoa

  • espresso

  • leather

  • a crisp spicy edge

These flavors create a complex harmony that leaves you craving for more. The aging process adds depth and character to the flavor, enhancing the overall taste experience.

The rich flavors of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars include:

  • Chocolate

  • Cedar

  • Spices

  • Dark earth

  • Nuts

  • Leather

  • Red pepper

  • Cream

  • Cinnamon

  • Nutmeg

  • Coffee

  • Roasted nuts

These flavors are imparted by the variety of tobacco used in the cigars, resulting in a deep earthy profile with notes of cocoa and spice. Smoking a Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar offers a remarkable smoking experience that you will not forget.

The Construction

The Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar epitomizes exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Rolled with precision, the cigar guarantees a consistent burn and an unblemished appearance. The tobacco undergoes a fermentation process and is aged in designated rooms, resulting in a flavorful cigar with a silky, golden wrapper and a velvety finish.

AJ Fernandez’s expertise and attention to detail are evident in the construction of each Montecristo cigar. With a seamless and well-applied wrapper, tight seams, and little resistance when squeezed, the Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar provides a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Perfect Pairings for Montecristo AJ Fernandez Cigars

To completely savor the intricate flavors of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars, try pairing them with drinks and snacks that accentuate and augment their taste. From rich coffee and espresso to fine spirits and savory snacks, the perfect pairing awaits you.

Indulge your senses with the right accompaniments that bring out the best in your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar. Whether enjoying a quiet evening at home or sharing a memorable moment with friends, the right pairing can elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

Coffee and Espresso

Coffee beans and a cigar

Coffee and espresso are ideal companions for Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars, adding depth and complexity to the smoking experience. The rich flavors that pair well with the cigar’s robust taste include:

  • Caramel

  • Cocoa

  • Vanilla

  • Dark roast coffee

These flavors harmonize beautifully with the cigar, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

A double espresso, in particular, intensifies the bold flavors of the cigar, such as sweet cocoa, leather, and spice. The rich and aromatic profile of espresso creates a harmonious and gratifying smoking experience that will leave you longing for more.

Fine Spirits

Whiskey glass and cigar

Fine spirits, such as dark rum, cognac, and Manhattan cocktails, can elevate the flavors of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars to new heights. The sweetness and richness of the spirits harmonize with the cigar’s earthiness, cedar, cocoa, and spice notes, resulting in a delightful combination.

When selecting fine spirits to accompany your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar, consider those that share common flavors like leather, nuts, and spices. Full-bodied cigars like these pair exceptionally well with full-bodied spirits, creating a luxurious and enjoyable smoking experience.

Savory Snacks

Savor the flavors of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars by pairing them with mouthwatering snacks such as:

  • steak or lamb

  • salty pretzels

  • almonds

  • other savory delights

These snacks can enhance the cigar’s flavors, providing a delicious and satisfying smoking experience.

Choose snacks with flavors like:

  • red pepper

  • chocolate

  • espresso

  • malt

to complement the rich and full-bodied Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. Experiment with different pairings to find your perfect combination for an unforgettable smoking experience.

Caring for Your Montecristo AJ Fernandez Cigars

Appropriate care and storage are necessary to guarantee the durability and quality of your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. By maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels, you can preserve their freshness and flavor for an extended period.

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of premium cigars, understanding how to care for your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars is the key to a satisfying smoking experience. With the right knowledge and practices, you can enjoy the rich flavors of these cigars time and time again.

Proper Humidor Storage

Humidor with cigars

A humidor is critical for preserving the freshness and flavor of your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. The ideal humidity level for storing these cigars is between 65-70%, with a temperature of approximately 16-20 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Regularly inspect and adjust the humidity levels in your humidor to ensure optimal storage conditions. Consider using Boveda humidity packs to help maintain humidity levels. By storing your cigars at the proper temperature and humidity, you can preserve their quality and ensure a pleasurable smoking experience.

Ideal Smoking Conditions

To completely relish your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar, it’s necessary to maintain optimal smoking conditions. A slow burn rate, a moderate burn temperature, and a generous smoke output are optimal for these cigars, with smoking durations typically ranging from a half hour to 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The strength of the Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar blend is potent, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a robust smoking experience. Take the time to savor the intense flavors and complexity of this exquisite cigar, and appreciate the craftsmanship and heritage behind each puff.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings, including the review’s title, can offer useful perspectives about the smoking experience of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. By considering the opinions of fellow cigar enthusiasts, you can make an informed decision about whether these cigars are the right choice for you.

From verified buyer experiences to constructive criticism, customer reviews offer a wealth of information to help you better understand the unique characteristics of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. Let’s delve into the opinions of cigar aficionados who have tried these remarkable cigars.

Verified Buyer Experiences

Many verified buyers have shared their positive experiences with Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. They appreciate the complex flavor profile, the noticeable nicotine content, and the consistent medium-plus strength throughout the smoke. The four-country multi-national blend, with an Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper, has also been met with approval.

Verified buyers have reported that the taste of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars is characterized by a rich tobacco aroma, with notes of:

  • black pepper

  • dark chocolate

  • malt

  • salt

  • creaminess

  • caramel

  • red pepper

  • sweet caramel

  • café latte

  • milk chocolate

  • cedar

  • dried fruit

  • sweeter cedar-heavy profile

The excellent construction, draw, and overall experience have left many customers extremely satisfied.

Constructive Criticism

While many customers have lauded the Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars for their rich flavors and excellent construction, some have expressed that they find the flavor profile somewhat static and uniform. However, it’s important to remember that taste preferences are subjective and can vary between individuals.

Some cigar enthusiasts have mentioned that the initial impression of the Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar can be quite powerful, with peppery nuances. They also observed that there may not be a plethora of transitions in flavor, but overall, the cigars are still enjoyable. These criticisms offer insights into potential areas of improvement and allow you to determine if these cigars are the right match for your taste preferences.

Where to Buy Montecristo AJ Fernandez Cigars

Acquiring Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars is simple and straightforward, with multiple options available for both online and physical store shopping. By choosing the right retailer, you can ensure a quality product and a seamless shopping experience.

Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the personalized service of a brick-and-mortar store, there’s a perfect option for you. Explore the various retailers offering Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars and find the one that best suits your needs.

Online Retailers and Santa Clara Cigars are leading online retailers selling Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars. Shopping online offers the convenience of browsing a wide selection of cigars from the comfort of your home, with the added perk of exclusive discounts and special deals.

When buying Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars online, it’s important to purchase from trustworthy vendors and check the official seals and packaging for authenticity. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect online retailer to satisfy your cigar cravings.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

For a more personalized shopping experience, consider visiting brick-and-mortar stores such as Casa de Montecristo retail stores or JR Cigar. These establishments provide the opportunity to inspect the cigars in person and receive expert advice from knowledgeable staff.

Whether you’re a seasoned cigar enthusiast or new to the world of premium cigars, brick-and-mortar stores offer a unique and engaging shopping experience. Locate a store near you and begin your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar experience.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Certain retailers provide loyalty programs and rewards for buying Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars, offering extra perks for customers. The Reward Points Program, for example, allows you to earn rewards for shopping. Additionally, there may be an alternative available through Casa de Montecristo, though further information is required.

By participating in loyalty programs and rewards, you can enjoy benefits such as discounts on retail items, exclusive offers, and access to rare and limited-edition cigars. Explore the various programs available to make the most of your Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigar purchases.


In conclusion, Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars offer a rich and full-bodied experience that both seasoned aficionados and newcomers will appreciate. With their premium blend, complex flavor profile, and excellent construction, these cigars are a testament to the expertise and dedication of their creators. Paired with the perfect beverages and snacks, cared for properly, and purchased from reliable sources, Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars provide an unforgettable smoking experience that you’ll want to savor time and time again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Montecristo cigars are renowned for their quality, and among the best are The Original, White, 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua, AJ Fernandez, Classic, Epic, Platinum, and Nicaragua.

Montecristo cigarillos are highly regarded for their full-flavored blend and complexity, making them an excellent choice for cigar aficionados.

The Montecristo Platinum Series Cigar is considered a premium cigar, as it is one of the best-selling assortments in the entire Montecristo portfolio with its choice San Andrés Cubano wrapper.

Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars are a premium blend featuring aged Nicaraguan fillers, a San Andrés Mexican binder, and an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.

Experience the full flavor of Montecristo AJ Fernandez cigars with the perfect pairing of coffee, espresso, dark rum, cognac or savory snacks such as steak and lamb.