Kristoff San Andres

Kristoff San Andres cigars are the latest ones and probably the best from the Kristoff portfolio line of cigars. The Kristoff San Andres Robusto was named Cigar No 13 by Cigar Journal, Top 25 cigar of the Year 2016. Lets said the least, San Andres is usually a superb and tasty tobacco. Most cigar manufactures look after these expensive tobaccos to make the most unique blends. Kristoff went ballistic. Using a super premium Habano binder from the rich Ecuadorian soil, collecting the best Habano fillers from the volcanic soil of Nicaraguan, they put together this excellent blend and they also did this at a very and economic price point. The cigars are now available at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, but with that introduction you better hurry and get them immediately!