Kristoff Connecticut

Kristoff Connecticut is another new release from the makers of Kristoff Cigars. Connecticut is usually misunderstood as a flavorless tobacco. From the early Macanudos or Romeo and Julieta Reserva Real till this days, the Connecticut has play a role in the strenght definition of a cigar. Kristoff Connecticut is yet a mild cigar, but the flavour fulness of the blend will be noticed. This Ecuadorian Connecticut shade grown has yet a pleasant taste that will always remind you the great smokes Kristoff cigars has to offer. With Vanilla notes and a subtle spice, mixed with balanced cream and sweet finish this is yet the ultimate blend you will continue to revisit for the years to come. Using a Nicaraguan Habano as a binder and a Quad Dominican Habano filler, the result move to a mild to medium in intensity with a full flavour profile. Enjoy the new Kristoff Connecticut now. Elegantly packaged in boxes of 20 cigars count, these beauties are now available at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood.