The Best Cigars to Smoke At Poker Night. moke cigars

The Best Cigars to Smoke At Poker Night. moke cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 21, 2018

Are you ready to sit down and play a few hands of poker?

When it's time to ante up, you definitely want to be smoking a great cigar. We'll list five of our favorite cigars that pair perfectly with liquor, beer, and a nice game of cards.

The United States imports more than 300 million cigars every year, so you know you'll have a wide variety of choices. Finding the best cigars is the key to enjoying poker night.

So put on your favorite sunglasses and let's get started!

1. Perdomo Craft Series Stout Churchill Maduro

This full-bodied cigar from Nicaragua sells for about $7.50 and boasts almost two hours of smoke time. It goes well with dark beers like stouts and lagers.

The Perdomo is 6.5" long and has a gauge size of 54. The leaf type is Habano and the wrapper is Maduro. If you like Guinness, you'll love this hearty, relaxing cigar.

Perdomo cigars will also pair well with beef jerky, smoked meats, and potato chips. They have elements in them that taste like barley and coffee.

Other Perdomo cigars include 20th anniversary Maduro, Sun Grown, and Connecticut. The craft series also includes a cigar that pairs with Pilsner beers.

2. Guardian Of The Farm Apollo Selección de Warped

If you're drinking a beer and having some spicy wings, you will like this medium smoke cigar from Nicaragua. It sells for $8.00 and has a smoke time of almost an hour and a half. It also have nothing to envy to a $15-$20 smoke.

The wrapper, binder and fillers are from the Nicaraguan region and makes the cigar blend to go well with beers that have strong hops flavors. The ring gauge is 44 and the cigar is 6" long for the Corona lovers. Made at the Tabacos Valle De Jalapa S.A. (TABSA), a factory that is known for consistency and to make well for others better than themselves. With a 93 Rating and Cigar Aficionado No 8, 2017. Don't miss this one!

This is the best cigar to pair with chicken, smoked fish, and corn chips. It also works well red wine. Tabacos Valle De Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) also manufacture another lines for Warped that you should take a look to: FuturoLa HaciendaLa ColmenaDon ReinaldoCorto X46Maestro del Tiempo and Serie Gran Reserva 1988

3. Partagas Black Label Magnifico

When beer just won't do, it's time to pour some scotch. If you want a great cigar that isn't too expensive, take a look at this black label magnifico.

The cigar is from the Dominican Republic and has a gauge size of 54. It's 6" long and is full-bodied also considered an strong cigars with a smoky aftertaste. It also pairs well with whiskey.

The wrapper is made from Medio Tiempo leaves, giving it a pleasantly burned flavor. It has a smoke time of 90 minutes and typically sells for $10.78.

This Magnifico is a great cigar to pair with older scotch. Give yourself about 10-15 minutes for the flavor to develop, and try to avoid cutting it with a guillotine.

Where Can I Find the Best Cigar?

We offer a wide range of cigars and are happy to work with you to find the best cigar for your tastes.

We love making recommendations and helping you find that one cigar that you'll smoke regularly.

We've got a Cigar of the Month Club that lets you try new and exciting cigars every month. Drop us a line and let us help you find the best cigar for poker night.