Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro

Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro also known as Stout; was created with the Craft Beer followers and lovers in mind. It is not secret that America is the most perfect marketplace of the entire world. American like trending and craft beers and they have created a whole cultural experience around it. Americans follow the new creations of beers with the same passion we cigar lovers follow cigars or wine aficionados follow new and trending and national wines. There is a whole world of aficionados with a lot of expertise and a very refine palate. And there is a visionary Perdomo Cigar Company creating the new Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro with this community in mind. The Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro Stout, was blended with a wrapper that is dark maduro wrapper from the Jalapa Valey and totally Nicaraguan Cuban Seed. As a Stout Beer is relevant and strong with plenty of character, it is a perfectly blended to deliver a medium to full bodied smoke. The Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro Stout was crafted to pair a thick, coffee and dark chocolate and smoky flavors that stout, brown ales lovers look for. It is totally up to you to have that experience. These cigars comes packaged using the traditional Perdomo packaging in a 24 cigars count and four sizes namely: Robusto, Epicure, Churchill and Gordo. Shop now the new release of Perdomo Special Craft Series Maduro at your favorite online cigar store. Cuenca Cigars is a Florida based company and it's strategic position guaranty the freshness of your smokes.