The Best Cigars to Pair with Bourbon

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The taste buds on our tongues pick up on five basic tastes: bitter, salty, sweet, sour, and umami. Successfully blending these tastes adds a rich and complex element to anything we consume, hitting our palates' pleasure points.

Blending the best bourbon and cigars can hit all the right flavors across your tongue for the ultimate tasting experience, too! Just as you can craft the perfect meal, you can savor the best flavors by paying attention to your pairing choices.

To help you out, the experts at Cuenca Cigars, Inc. have put together a quick pairing guide below. Read on to learn how you can indulge in luxurious, flavorful bourbon and cigars in their most decadent pairings.

Best Bourbon and Cigar Pairings for Ultimate Flavor

Just as you can expertly pair smoked meats and cigars for complimentary flavors, those in bourbons can enhance and be enhanced by cigars. Here are the ones you need to know about:

1. Jim Beam and Punch Maduro

Jim Beam has a lasting reputation due to the richness and depth of its flavors. The bourbon is aged for years to make sure the aromas and flavors of vanilla, caramel, and the oak barrel meld.

The perfect cigar pairing to this age-old classic is the Punch Maduro. This medium-bodied cigar has hints of pepper and spice that mix well with the smooth flavors of Beam. The cedar-like taste of the cigar matches the oaky taste of wooden barrels.

2. Maker's Mark and Cohiba

Spicy and sweet (thanks to subtle cues from honey and caramel), Maker's Mark has earned a loyal following from its bold flavor. The wheat (rye-alternative) bourbon is full of subtle hints of cinnamon and vanilla that pair well with most cigars.

However, for the expert pairing, consider enjoying a rich and spicy Cohiba. This smoothly burning cigar adds a vanilla-and-spice undertone that enriches the Maker's Mark.

3. Knob Creek and Padron 1964 Anniversary

Knob Creek has an old-world look and feel to it, and for a good reason. The founder's roots go decades back and his grandfather was Jim Beam. Knob is full of the charming taste of woods, grains, and nuts that compliment caramel well.

And this is why we suggest the Padron 1964 Anniversary. This cigar is rich in flavors like caramel, cinnamon, and cayenne that give it an especially earthy profile when paired with Knob Creek.

4. Wild Turkey 101 and The Edge by Rocky Patel

You can't go wrong with the widely available and well-known Wild Turkey 101 bourbon: it provides rich flavor from aging in white oak and packs a powerful punch.

To ease that punch and enrich the flavors, pair it with The Edge cigar by Rocky Patel. This handmade cigar from Honduras is stuffed with heavy but smooth spices that awaken the sweet and bitter taste of Wild Turkey.

5. Bulleit Oliva and Melanio Maduro

Bulleit Oliva bourbon is crafted to leave lasting notes of vanilla and smoke on the tongue with a hint of black cherry.

The dark, rich flavor pairs well with the smoky and almost leathery-spiced taste of Melanio Maduro cigars. The coffee and peppery subtle hints in the cigar are smoothed out with the soft but sweet notes in Oliva bourbon.

Where to Find the Best Cigars

When pairing the best bourbon and cigars, you need a trusted and reliable source to get your products. Cuenca Cigars, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your cigar needs, including an extensive stock full of needed accessories.

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