New Cigars Releases From Crowned Heads, Aganorsa, and Tatuaje in 2022

New Cigars Releases From Crowned Heads, Aganorsa, and Tatuaje in 2022

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jun 16, 2022

Get a first look and profile of new cigar releases in 2022 from the best cigar brands, including Crowned Heads, Aganorsa, and Tatuaje.

Did you know that there's a belief among historians that ancient Mayans invented the cigar? Since tobacco was discovered when explorers came to the New World, cigars have grown in popularity, and they are now part of popular culture and a status symbol.

Are you one of the many people who enjoy the cigar-smoking culture and you also love smoking one after dinner or on a special occasion? In this case, you might be curious about the new cigar releases of 2022.

However, if you don't know what these cigars are, you might not feel sure about which cigars to buy. This can be stressful.

Fortunately, in this article, we'll review the best cigars of 2022 that have been released this year. Finally, you can get the best cigars for you and enjoy that next special occasion fully. Read on to learn more.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras EL 2022

One of the best new cigars available this year is the Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2022. The manufacturer of this cigar is Crowned Heads. This brand makes its cigars in their cigar factory, My Father, in Nicaragua.

In the past, when they've released La Calaveras limited edition cigars, cigars that have a skull-head decorating them, these have been to honor people in the company who passed away.

This is a tradition they do every year, and the same is the case for this year. This year, the cigar is dedicated to four personnel at the company who've lost their lives.

There are markers of these people on the cigar itself. On the band, you'll find their initials.

As for the image associated with the cigar, this is a zinc etching that José Guadalupe Posada made. The image is named "La Calavera Catrina," and it's where the cigar's name comes from.

Details About the Cigar

Even though it's traditional for the Las Calaveras limited edition cigars to come out annually, this one will be slightly delayed this year. It should be coming out next month, in July 2022. As for the materials, these will consist of a Corojo 99 wrapper and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

This is a big deal because there are two new features. First of all, for the Las Calaveras limited edition series, it's a completely new blend. Second, it's the first time that it's a Nicaraguan puro.

The co-founder of the company, Jon Huber, said that he believes that the wrapper gives a flavor profile result that's reminiscent of the cigar factory's signature style. This signature style consists of two things.

It includes the classic Nicaraguan intensity and structure combined with balance and complexity.

Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Maduro

Whether you're looking for new cigar brands or want to try a new release from a brand you already know, another great choice that's a release this year is the Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Maduro. This is a cigar from the AGANORSA Leaf cigar company.

Recently, things have changed a bit for this company. They used to have the name Casa Fernández until they changed it to AGANORSA Leaf back in 2018.

As a result of this change, they also changed up their marketing strategy. So what was once called the Casa Fernández Aniversario line, which was a limited edition, became the AGANORSA Leaf Aniversario line.

So for their new cigars for sale as part of their anniversary line release this year, you'll be able to buy the  AGANORSA Leaf Aniversario Maduro cigars.

Details About the Cigar

This new cigar has features that the company has always included in the cigars that are part of the AGANORSA Leaf Aniversario Maduro line. These features include a blend that has a wrapper made of shade-grown Nicaraguan and Nicaraguan tobacco that's in both the filler and binder.

The MSRP of this cigar is $13.75 per cigar. The limited-edition conditions are that there are only 1,500 cigar boxes available, with each of these boxes including ten cigars.

All the cigars in this line have been rolled at the small factory AGANORSA has in its headquarters in Miami. Even though the country of origin is in the US, the filler, binder, and wrapper are from Nicaragua.

Tatuaje Tuxtla T110

Finally, available as one of the  Tatuaje new releases, there are the Tatuaje Tuxtla T110 cigars. This limited release from Tatuaje came in May. It’s called TUXTLA and is a series featuring San Andrés wrapper. TUXTLA is a major city in the San Andrés growing region in Mexico.

As you know, the San Andrés wrapper at the factory is amazing and the way it changes these 3 Vitolas is incredible.

Pete Johnson completely revolutionized the offerings of the Tatuaje cigar company when he started the TUXTLA project. And he's kicking this project off with three different cigars that include this wrapper.

These cigars include the Tatuaje T110, Tatuaje 7th, and Avion 13.

Details About the Cigar

The  Tatuaje Tuxtla T110 is a petit robust that has these measurements: 4 3/8 x 52. Its MSRP is $10 per cigar. The amount of boxes available if you want to buy this limited edition cigar is 4,000. What really makes it stand out is the San Andrés Wrapper we mentioned earlier.

Johnson said that this wrapper demonstrates just how much of a difference a wrapper can make when it comes to a cigar's flavor. This makes the flavor heavier, and they choose the best blends that can stand up to it.

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