Discover the Stellar Flavor Journey of room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Cigars

Discover the Stellar Flavor Journey of room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 14, 2024

Exploring the unique taste of room 101 johnny tobacconaut cigars? This article uncovers the nuances of its robust flavor spectrum, crafted by Matt Booth, and the limited nature of its release. Known for deep notes of spices and sweetness, the room 101 johnny tobacconaut offers a full-bodied cigar experience. We delve into its creation, the artisanal touch, and what it offers to aficionados, giving you the backdrop before you perhaps light one up yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is a unique cigar created by Matt Booth in collaboration with AJ Fernandez, designed with a space theme to offer a cosmic flavor journey with an intricate flavor profile made from a blend of specially selected tobaccos.
  • The cigar is composed of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Mexican binder and filler, creating a complex assortment of flavors with heavy tasting notes like butter, graham cracker, and marzipan, complemented by subtler notes such as caramel and cocoa.
  • Released as a limited edition with only 3,500 boxes, the Johnny Tobacconaut holds a special status in the cigar world. Cigar etiquette includes minimum age compliance and proper storage, with recommended humidity levels between 65% and 72% to maintain quality.

The Cosmic Creation: Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut

Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar resting on a cosmic background

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar showcases the limitless imagination of Matt Booth, the founder of Room101. Inspired by the expansive theme of space, the Johnny Tobacconaut seeks to explore the universe of flavors, an intrepid traveler on a quest for delicious smoke and funkadelic flavor. From its initial creation in Estelí, Nicaragua, the Johnny Tobacconaut has been known as a smoke wagon due to its robust flavor profile, a hallmark of its unique blend.

Booth’s creativity and a mix of meticulously chosen tobaccos have given birth to the Johnny Tobacconaut - a cigar that embarks you on a cosmic flavor voyage. The blend is indeed a testament to Booth’s commitment to innovation and his knack for crafting unique, impactful flavors.

So, are you ready to embark on this adventure with the arms Johnny Tobacconaut, as the arms Johnny Tobacconaut seeks new horizons?

Stellar Components: A Blend of Earthly Origins

Various earthly elements blending together

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar is a harmonious blend of earthly origins, each component contributing to its complexity and ensuring a smooth smoking experience. Now, let’s delve deeper into the components of this celestial smoke, starting with the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and then exploring the Mexican binder and filler.

Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper

The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper enclosing the Johnny Tobacconaut showcases the accuracy and quality in tobacco cultivation. This wrapper is noted for its silky texture and mild-medium profile, a result of its thicker and more pliable construction compared to U.S.A. Connecticut wrappers. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper imparts a mild, slightly sweet flavor with hints of white pepper, leather, and nuts, all of which play a role in shaping the overall taste of a cigar. The use of an Ecuadorian Connecticut binder further enhances the smoking experience by providing a consistent burn and complementing the flavors of the wrapper.

This Ecuadorian enveloped delight bestows a graham cracker sweetness, introducing a creamy facet to the cigar’s flavor palette. The meticulous drying and fermentation of the wrapper leaves contribute to their smoothness and milder flavor, making the Johnny Tobacconaut a delightfully delicious smoke that continues to innovate and impress cigar enthusiasts.

Mexican Binder and Filler

Completing the blend are the rich and flavorful Mexican binder and Mexican filler. These components impart unique aromas and a distinct sweetness, offering a satisfying smoking experience. The soil characteristics and relatively dry climate in Mexico create favorable conditions for the development of full aroma in the tobacco, ultimately influencing the quality of the Mexican binder and filler.

Mexican tobacco, a variant of Sumatra-seed tobacco, is popular in cigar production for its flavor contribution. It’s well-suited as a binder and filler in cigars and as a Maduro wrapper, making it a key player in the flavor profile of the Johnny Tobacconaut.

A Collaboration of Galactic Proportions: Matt Booth & AJ Fernandez

Every outstanding creation is the brainchild of a team of geniuses, and the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is not an outlier. Matt Booth and AJ Fernandez are the driving forces behind this unique cigar. Booth, the innovative mind responsible for the Room101 brand, is renowned for his distinctive and bold designs, influenced by his uncle’s teachings on the spiritual aspects of cigar smoking.

In this cosmic collaboration, we also have AJ Fernandez, a third-generation cigarmaker and a respected manufacturer known for creating popular brands such as:

  • San Lotano
  • New World
  • Bellas Artes
  • Last Call

His significant contributions to the cigar industry, including being one of the largest independent tobacco growers, make him a perfect collaborator in creating the Johnny Tobacconaut, one giant cascade of flavor.

Tasting the Cosmos: Heavy Tasting Notes & Subtle Sub Notes

Intense flavor explosion with cosmic elements

Tasting the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is akin to taking a voyage through the cosmos, marked by heavy tasting notes and subtle sub notes that shape its flavor profile. Let’s delve into these celestial flavors, starting with the heavy tasting notes and then exploring the subtle sub notes that add depth and complexity to our flavor journey.

Heavy Tasting Notes

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is characterized by a robust flavor profile, including notes of:

  • Butter
  • Graham cracker
  • Cinnamon
  • Marzipan

These flavors make up the heavy tasting notes that dominate the cigar’s taste. Indeed, the Johnny Tobacconaut distinguishes itself through its exceptionally rich flavor profile, offering a diverse range of flavors for the smoker to enjoy.

As you embark on your flavor journey with the Johnny Tobacconaut, expect heavy tasting notes that provide a delicious smoke laden with funkadelic flavor. The richness sets the stage for the delicate balance of subtle sub notes that follow.

Subtle Sub Notes

While heavy tasting notes dominate the flavor profile, the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut also showcases a variety of nuanced flavors that add depth and complexity to the cigar. These subtle sub notes include:

  • Sweetness of caramel
  • Earthiness of cedar
  • Hints of citrus
  • Hints of cocoa

These flavors are facilitated by a combination of tasting notes and a slow burn, which allows for the caramelization of sugars and essential oils, enriching the flavor profile with delicate nuances.

As you continue on your flavor journey with the Johnny Tobacconaut, the subtle sub notes elevate the smoking experience, adding sophistication and depth to this celestial smoke. The sub brand continues to impress with its intricate flavor profile, making each puff a mini vacation.

The Voyage Through Smoke: Smooth Transitions & Complexity Balanced

Smooth transition journey through smoke

The enjoyment of a cigar goes beyond the initial flavors. The pleasure lies in the voyage through the smoke itself, marked by smooth transitions and a balance in complexity, ensuring the perfect cigar fit for your taste.

Let’s embark on this voyage, exploring the flavors and experiences of each third of the Johnny Tobacconaut cigar.

The First Third

The adventure commences with the initial third of the Johnny Tobacconaut. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper imparts a sweeter taste to the initial flavor, setting the tone for the rest of the cigar. Simultaneously, the Mexican binder and filler contribute a mild strength and introduce fruity notes, such as canned apricots.

During this stage, the smoking techniques can influence the flavors perceived. Utilizing the tongue to discern flavors and retrohaling the smoke through the nose can diminish bitterness and accentuate more floral, nutty, and sweeter flavors. This is where the flavor journey begins.

The Second Third

As we progress into the middle third of the Johnny Tobacconaut, the flavors evolve and the intricacy amplifies. Nuanced flavors such as toasted nuts, coffee, and floral notes become apparent, presenting a delightful shift in the flavor profile. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper continues to influence the flavor, providing a mild to medium strength and introducing notes such as white pepper.

This stage of the cigar sees the perfect interplay of flavor intensity and complexity. The Johnny Tobacconaut demonstrates a variation in flavor profile, incorporating notes of chocolate and red pepper, alongside a subtle shift in the underlying flavors, making each puff a delicious smoke.

The Final Third

The flavor expedition reaches its zenith in the concluding third of the Johnny Tobacconaut. Here, a diverse range of flavors become more apparent, including:

  • leather
  • cocoa
  • butter
  • cinnamon
  • marzipan
  • hints of cedar and hay

The burning and smoking process enables the smoke to penetrate the entire cigar, enriching the flavor. To prevent excessive heat from diminishing the enjoyment of the last third, it is advisable to smoke at a slower pace.

The recommended smoking pace for the final third is approximately one puff per minute. This deliberate approach enhances the overall relaxation associated with cigar smoking and ensures the complete development of the cigar’s final flavors. The voyage through smoke ends here, but the memory of the flavor journey lingers on.

Limited Edition: A Cosmic Rarity

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar is more than a mere smoke; it’s an interstellar anomaly. Introduced in 2015, it was initially released as a limited edition featuring visually appealing elements. The Johnny Tobacconaut is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the Room101 brand. Later on, it was also made available as a limited edition by Luxury Cigar Club, adding to its exclusivity.

With a total production quantity of only 3,500 boxes of 20 cigars each, the Johnny Tobacconaut is indeed a rare gem in the vast universe of cigars. The limited edition status makes each puff all the more special, knowing that you’re part of a select group of individuals who have had the privilege of embarking on this flavor journey.

Cigar Etiquette: Minimum Age & Proper Storage

Like any opulent pleasure, smoking the Johnny Tobacconaut cigar necessitates compliance with certain protocols. One of them is proper storage. Humidity plays a crucial role in the storage of cigars. An optimal range of 65% to 72% is necessary to prevent the cigars from drying out or becoming spongy due to over-humidification. Cigars stored in a box can maintain their quality for a period of 2-6 months, while sealed cigars can remain fresh for an extended duration if stored appropriately.

There are several options for humidor boxes, such as Multi-Tier Hinge Top Humidors, Glass Top “Savoy” Humidors, Humidor Jars, and The Napoleon humidor. For short-term storage, cigars can be preserved by placing them in a sealed plastic bag with a small, damp paper towel, or by storing them in a container with a moist sponge to sustain humidity for a day or so.


The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is more than just a cigar; it’s a flavor journey across the cosmos. From the unique blend of earthly origins to its heavy tasting notes and subtle sub notes, each puff takes you on a voyage through the smoke. The smooth transitions and complexity balance enhance the smoking experience, while the rarity of this limited edition cigar adds to its allure.

So, are you ready to embark on this flavor journey? Remember, the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is not just a cigar; it’s a cosmic odyssey waiting to be explored.

What inspired the creation of the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar?

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar was inspired by the expansive theme of space, aiming to evoke a journey through the universe of flavors with each puff.

What are the key components of the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar?

The key components of the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar are an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and a Mexican binder and filler, which work together to create a distinctive flavor profile and a smooth smoking experience.

What are the heavy tasting notes and subtle sub notes of the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar?

The heavy tasting notes of the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar include flavors of butter, graham cracker, cinnamon, and marzipan, while the subtle sub notes feature a variety of nuanced flavors such as sweetness, clove, milk chocolate, orange zest, caramel, cedar, and hints of lemon and citrus.

How is the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar stored properly?

To properly store Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigars, it is crucial to maintain a humidity level between 65% to 72% using humidor boxes like Multi-Tier Hinge Top Humidors or Glass Top “Savoy” Humidors. This ensures the cigars do not dry out or become over-humidified.

What makes the Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar a limited edition?

The Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut cigar is a limited edition due to its visually appealing elements, engaging narrative, and a total production quantity of only 3,500 boxes of 20 cigars each, making it a rare gem in the cigar universe.

How do you cut a chisel-tip cigar?

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