Buy Limited Edition Cigars Online at the Best Prices

Buy Limited Edition Cigars Online at the Best Prices

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Mar 10, 2023

Buy Limited Edition Cigars Online at the Best Prices & Save Big

Generating imaginative product concepts can be a laborious endeavor, so I decided to take it a step further and let my subconscious mind do the work for me. As I drifted off to sleep last night, I anxiously awaited what sort of creative ideas would surface during my visit to my dream state. To my delight, in that very instant, an inspirational vision emerged of myself writing about the newly crafted cigars honoring the Chinese New Year Calendar, The Year of the Rabbit cigars! It was exceptionally vivid and enthralling.

I ventured to visit the Cigar Shop this morning expecting to find a collection of rare cigars commemorating this year, yet much to my dismay, there were only three in stock. Unfortunately, most of these rare cigars have been sold or exclusively released in the Asian Market.

Then, I decided to broaden my selection of cigars and include some rare, hard-to-find varieties.

It's not too often you hear about luxurious, rare cigars – but today, I'm giving away a secret! You deserve to explore the world of rare cigars, and add a few of these masterpieces to your collection. Not only will you find cigars they be of amazing quality, but they will be limited editions that could make any cigar enthusiast swoon with delight. Don't miss out on this opportunity – it's time for you to find rare cigars, and to find cigars and treat yourself right!

The Best Limited Edition - Year of the Rabbit - Rare Cigars


The passion and enthusiasm we share for cigars are based on taste and a desire to understand the complexities of different blends. Cigar aficionados continuously seek new tastes by trying out various brands to get an idea of the hype about them. If you agree, I may suggest something: Celebrate The Year of the Rabbit with a premium cigar! Get in on this year's limited edition releases from your favorite manufacturers and experience something truly special.

Why not store your cigars in a personal humidor until the latest batch of stogies is released? I guarantee you won't be disappointed when you light them up! Enjoy these smooth, rich flavors and savor every puff.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to add these top-rated cigars to your next shopping bag! We've created a very limited edition cigars sampler including them - and only Cuenca Cigar Shop has it. Don't wait any longer, as supplies won't last long. Grab yours today for the ultimate cigar-smoking experience!

Plasencia Year of the Rabbit Cigar

Plasencia Year of the Rabbit Cigar - Extremelly Rare Cigars

Don't miss out on the Plasencia Year of the Rabbit, a 6 1/2 x 54 toro extra featuring only Nicaraguan tobaccos and Jalapa region leaves. The U.S will be receiving a limited quantity- just six thousand boxes (each containing ten cigars) at a price of $52 each! Act fast to secure yours before they run out of stock!

Vegafina Year of the Rabbit Cigar

Vegafina Year of the Rabbit

This 6 x 50 torpedo-shaped cigar exudes natural elegance. An Ecuadorian wrapper and Dominican binder contain a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, giving it an initial mildness that intensifies to full, medium-bodied complexity as you smoke. Tabacalera de García in La Romana, Dominican Republic, painstakingly manufactures these cigars for Altadis U.S.A., developing them with your pleasure in mind so you can savor every moment of this flavorful journey!

Flor de Selva El Ano del Canejo - Rare Cigars

Flor de Selva El Ano del Canejo

In honor of the Year of the Rabbit, Maya Selva recently released their Año del Conejo 2023 cigar series. Measuring 5 1/2 x 48, this Honduran puro features a Jamastrán wrapper and Azacualpa binder from Olancho for an unforgettable smoking experience that packs in plenty of rabbit-inspired flavors!

Plasencia Ehtëfal for World Cup 2022

Plasencia Ehtëfal for World Cup 2022

Plasencia 1865 is proud to introduce its newest celebratory cigar, احتفال. This special blend contains a curated 10-year-aged selection of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers enclosed in a sun-grown Jalapa wrapper with 6x52 toros! With an MSRP of $65 per cigar and 5,000 boxes containing 10 cigars available worldwide—half allocated for sale in U.S.-based stores while the other half internationally accessible—now is your chance to pick up this one-of-a-kind commemorative smoke before the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off.

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Eduardo Colorado Claro

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Eduardo Colorado Claro

This box-pressed cigar has an exquisite 54-ring gauge and is 6 1/4 inches long. With a price of $20.60 for 10 cigars, you can enjoy the best tobacco that Nicaragua's own Plasencias factory in Estelí city has to offer!

Romeo y Julieta Envy Amulet

Romeo y Julieta Envy Amulet

Plasencia Cigars S.A's Envy Amulet is a unique 6 x 55 toro extra-size cigar, made with exquisite Nicaraguan tobaccos and the natural continuation of Romeo y Julieta Eternal - another Altadis U.S.A production from Plasencia! These limited-edition 11 unit boxes are so highly sought after that aficionados across the globe seek them out relentlessly for their collection!

D'Crossier Golden Blend Refinados

D'Crossier Golden Blend Refinados

Tabacos de Costa Rica proudly presents a rare and magnificent blend of aged Ecuadorian Habano Colorado wrapper tobacco, triple-fermented for 10 months and seasoned with natural Spanish cedar aging. Complemented by Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic filler tobacco blends that have been aging for an astonishing 5 years, the binder is kept secret to ensure only the best experience possible! Indulge in this unique concoction from our limited edition range of 3 sizes today!

Fuente Fuente OpusX 20th Anniversary

Fuente Fuente OpusX 20th Anniversary

An introduction to Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars is rarely necessary. They are a cigar brand widely celebrated worldwide for its top selection, superior selection, quality, and craftsmanship. To commemorate two decades of legacy since its inception, this 20th-anniversary limited edition promises an exquisite experience with a distinctive flavor profile that will delight faithful fans and newcomers alike.

Rare Pink 60's Sophisticate Hooker

Rare Pink 60's Sophisticate Hooker

Carlos Fuente Jr. has a witty personality from Arturo Fuente, perfectly encapsulated in the whimsical name of this special cigar - Sophisticated Hooker! It's an ode to the days when Arturo Fuente would utilize 'hookers' (fishing boats) for his adventures. As one of the largest sizes sold within their Rare Pink collection of cigars, these shapely figurados reminiscent of the Hemingway series are sure to please any man who loves a good smoke. So treat yourself to something special from Sophisticated Hooker Rare Cigars!

The Best Gift for Your Father Cigars!

It's time to fall in love with our Premium Smokes! Don't miss out on this opportunity, and take action before you find out the price before you find it too late; these cigars are quickly selling out of stock. Our friendly staff is here to assist you - give us a call today to save yourself and find cigars you won't get anywhere else. Let us help you place your order.

The Best Rare Cigars

Although a small handful of rare cigars used in this selection are not classified as Limited Editions, they are incredibly difficult to purchase and locate.

I am passionate about this assortment selection of cigars, as it provides a wide range of flavors and quality. From Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic to Honduras, Handmade cigar companies has crafted these luxurious smokes with one thing in common - outstanding excellence! Each smoke consists of medium-to-full-bodied flavor profiles that define premium cigars at their finest.

If you're ready to purchase, don't delay! These cigars are selling quickly and the stock will be gone soon - so act fast before it's too late!