Your Guide to Rare Pink Cigars

Your Guide to Rare Pink Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 02, 2022

Your Guide to Rare Pink Cigars

Arturo Fuente, a renowned cigar brand, is synonymous with exceptional tobacco cultivated in the Dominican Republic. Their latest line of rare pink cigars, which launched in October, offers a wide selection of sizes. Not only do these cigars cater to connoisseurs, but they also contribute to funding breast cancer research.

If you want to get your hands on a tough-to-find cigar, now is your chance to try them out .

The Rare Pink line exceptional cigar undeniably captures from Fuente Cigars was created in late 2020, with inspiration from Carlito Fuente’s daughter, Liana Fuente. It has become one of the most sought-after extensions because of the high-quality cigars, and the great social cause that a high percentage of the sales revenues serves.

Every box of pink cigars has $13 put towards breast cancer research, which has become loved by the cigar community.

Now that Fuente has shipped their infamous Rare Pink cigars, this means you can buy them very soon. Want to know the best things about them? Continue reading our guide to learn all there is to discover about the Arturo Fuente Rare Pink for sale.

What’s in the Fuente Pink Cigars Line?

There are a few variations of the pink cigars that are available from Fuente cigars. The number of cigars that are included in every box is range from 10 to 25, depending on the "Vitola" . The release of the Rare Pink line has taken some extra time on its release, due to the great care and attention dedicated to the crafmanship of the final product.

The first cigar of the Rare Pinks is the Sophisticated Hooker, a 7 1/16th long cigar with a 53 ring gauge to it,this one comes in a box of 20. The name of the cigar may be suggestive at first, but it is actually inspired by a large fishing boat from Fuente’s youth in Key West. The retail price of this cigar is $17.70 per stick.

The line continues with the Queen of Hearts. This cigar also comes in a box of 20 and has a size of 4 1/4th by 60, with a retail price of $14.70 per stick. No matter the size option you go with, you’re still getting the same high-quality cigar from the line.

Other types of cigar lines are also available in varying sizes, which also come in shipments with amounts ranging from 10 to 25 cigars per box. The Work of Art cigar is around 4.85” with a 46/60 ring gauge, while the Signature is 6” with a 46 ring gauge. Both cigar styles still maintain the quality that all Fuente cigars provide.

These pink cigars are very limited and can sell out very fast as soon as they are made available. Right now is the best time to get a box of them if you have any interest in how these cigars feel to smoke. They’re in such high demand that is wise to act fast or you may not be able to get them for a very long time.

Pink Cigar Details

The Rare Pink cigar line is a full-body, premium hand-made cigar. This line is always extremely limited with its availability, despite the many accolades the line has achieved due to its high popularity. The cigars from Arturo Fuente have been given multiple 90+ point scores by reputable sources , such as Cigar Aficionado.

Rare Pink cigars have a design by Fuente that is a big homage to the 1960s, when big world events like the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement were the centers of attention. Carlito Fuente, the artist, and namesake of the company, grew up during this era. He has become the setter of new standards for the cigar industry as a whole.

The Rare Pink is a cigar meant to remind everyone of those times and emphasize the idea that love conquers all during the harshest of times.

The cigars are made with an Ecuadorian wrapper and tobacco grown within the Fuente estate, with a binder from the Dominican Republic. The aroma and taste that cigar lovers can expect from this cigar line, can range from oak and powdery cocoa to cinnamon and nuts.

In terms of the strength of the cigars as you smoke them, the Rare Pink cigars are under the medium mark. This allows for a nice smoothness to them that won't become overpowering as you smoke. Discover the elusive Fuente Rare Pink available for sale on our website. Subscribe to our notification service and be the first to know when they become available.

The boxes that the cigars come in are pink all around by design, inside and out. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness, so the design of the packaging matches the cause to which a portion of the cost of the cigars goes.

Both the outer box packaging and the inside wrapping of the cigars match with the color pink, enhancing the unique look of the cigar line and spotlighting the good cause.

Enjoying Pink Cigars

With our guide to the release of the Fuente Rare Pink Cigars, you’ll have a good understanding of why this line of cigars is so limited. The high quality of Fuente cigars is complemented by the great cause for which this line was made to spotlight: breast cancer awareness.

If you wanted to get your hands on a great cigar to smoke while contributing to a noble cause at the same time, then get a rare pink cigar box, is well worth it.

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