Xikar Triple Jet Table Top Lighters - Various Designs

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XIKAR Triple Jet Table Top Lighters

The office has never been a better place to enjoy a smoke. The new Triple Jet Table Top lighters feature beautiful finishes on metal casing. Each lighter uses a squeeze ignition with an inversion safety and can be adjusted with a large fuel adjustment wheel.

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HC Series Table Top Lighters

Capture the bold beauty of Havana with the collector quality table top lighters. Each triple jet lighter features the finest Havana cigar band reproduction art ever made. Three solid backdrop colors are accompanied by unique cigar band designs taken from the original decoupage artwork that made our Xi3 Havana Collection cigar cutters an instant classic. The artwork adorns both sides of each table top lighter, inside an extremely durable dome label.

Basket Weave and Window Pane Table Top Lighters

These lighters feature low-key, yet elegant chrome polished inserts with unique grid patterns suitable for the most luxurious lounge.

Liga Privada Table Top Lighters

Light up your Ligas with the only lighters approved by El Jefe himself and enjoy your smoke in envious style. Liga Privada table top lighters feature a Liga Privada trademark insert finished in shiny chrome foil on solid black and protected by a highly durable dome. The chrome logo's details complement the lighter's chrome accents.

Translated to English, “Liga Privada” means “private blend.” It is the perfect name, as this cigar was originally crafted not for resale, but for our own personal humidors. Dozens of intricate blends were created, but No. 9 was flawless in both flavor and character. Rich, complex and full bodied without being harsh, this amazing vitola is best described in one word: satisfying.


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