Colibri The Don

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  • single jet flame
  • wind resistant
  • fuel level window
  • 50 ring gauge guillotine cutter

The Don is one of the most popular lighters from Colibri and it is easy to see why. Its metal body features a satin chrome finish that is beautifully accented with blue matte on its sides. In addition to its good looks, the Don has plenty to offer a cigar smoker. It comes with a built-in cigar cutter with a 50 ring gauge. The sharp, guillotine blade will give your favorite cigar a quick, clean cut that is as good as any other cutter can provide. Once you cigar has been trimmed, flip open the lighter and press down on the ignition button to release a powerful torch flame to toast you cigar. The flame is even wind resistant so you can light up just as reliably outdoors as you can indoors. This butane refillable lighter even includes a fuel level viewing window for your convenience! Be sure to order this amazing lighter today!

  • Dimensions: Height : 3.00 inches Width : 1.30 inches Thickness : 0.60 inches
  • Weight: 3.20oz
  • Wind Resistant Single Jet Flame
  • Blue Matte and Satin Chrome Finish
  • Fuel Level Window
  • 50 Ring Gauge Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • Butane Refillable Lighter