The new Oliva Brand bearing Gilberto Oliva name.

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Oliva Cigars has been manufacturing tobacco long enough to be the producer of many high quality smokes. We all remember the series.  Oliva Serie GOliva Serie O, and Oliva Serie V are the traditional smokes we always go back to. The name Gilberto Oliva is probably not one that you might recognize right away, but you should. Gilberto Oliva is not only a family member, but the figure behind the scenes that makes Oliva Cigars successful. Who is Gilberto Oliva? He is recognized worldwide as a tobacco grower and broker. Gilberto and his family are nowadays considered to be the second largest tobacco grower in Nicaragua. Anyone from the tobacco industry has, at some point, reached out to him in the search for rare and hard to find tobaccos .

As a company, Oliva Cigar is recognized as one of the finest producers of tobacco. Twenty years  of excellence are a proof of it. Oliva Cigars have received 90+ ratings from many of the more widely trusted cigar magazines: Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Journal, and Cigar Snob, among others. After the release of the Oliva Melanio line, named in honor of company founder Melanio Oliva, there were not many new releases until now, with the Gilberto Oliva Reserva and Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc. These two lines will mark the commencement of a new era. 

The Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc uses a golden Connecticut from Ecuador and a selection of the best tobaccos from Ecuador and Nicaragua. The  Gilberto Oliva Reserva uses an Indonesian wrapper and the same composition of binder and filler tobaccos as the Blanc. As we all expect, this should be a superb smoke. They are also very well priced. Four sizes are being released at the 2017 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show. The cigars are packaged using the traditional Cuban boxing style. You can get them now at Cuenca Cigars online and let them tell you the story behind them! 

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